MULTI Accounts/Islands RIP ECONOMY

    • MULTI Accounts/Islands RIP ECONOMY

      Another day in albion another 5/30/150/300 islands to manage. Yep, that's how you actually make money nowadays (there are other ways ofc). Crafting? Nah, it's becoming less profitable everyday, even when crafting with focus - the actual money comes from laborers' journals. New alt accounts are being made everyday just to create more guild islands so people can increase their daily profit from journals. Results:
      • constant item price drop
      • mats loop (not a lot but you get some mats back, they just magically appear on your labourer, feelsbad gatherers)
      • ghost guilds (hold on a sec - a guild with that name already exists and it has 0 members)
      • "thousands of new players" - fake info, I've made an investigation and found out that average albion player has 5 alt accounts (1 to spy arch, 1 for private pleasure, 3 for crafting/refining/islands), that's an average, some crazy dudes have over 30 and the other crazy dudes have 0
      • farmville
      • the only profit is keeping mats price from going up like crazy but that's actually poor gathering system issue
      How to fix it? Tbh it's already so f***** up that there is no way to fix it without any butthurt. But there are some ways to stop it from getting worse:
      • make it mandatory to buy 30d premium at least once with $$$ real money $$$ if you want to create a private/guild island
      • rework laborers (at least mercenary one )
      • increase amount of fame needed to fill journals
      • HARDCORE - if you want to get rights to use / manage guild island you have to be a member of that guild (otherwise the only thing avaiable to use is a guild chest)
      I don't think laborers need any rework, they are fine, it's just the way they are being abused to make profit.

      Alt refining/crafting is another issue but easy to fix - make focus points being collected like keys for doing activites (still avaiable only to premium players) with a cap of 10k points daily.

      I'm looking forward to find out what's SBI's state on this case and what do you guys think about it.
    • OVTSIDER wrote:

      I'm looking forward to find out what's SBI's state on this case and what do you guys think about it.
      Probably you invested (took out of economy) more then you return (emitted back).
      Laborers are the wealth trap. And it's fine.
      Until you understand, you are not playing the game and working to make even more work for yourself.
      WTB skill