Need help some please

    • Need help some please

      so i really trusted an old guildy and he screwed me over he took control of my island like it was his own he planted things i cant even pick up and he stole over 1000 carrots from me and when i simply asked him about it he told me enjoy your island cry baby .. now this is totally disrespectful and i think this man should loose his account for this , i have a screen shot i really need an admin to come to my island and help me fix everything up . this is truly upsetting please help me i cant even use my farm anymore and i payed for subscriptions and i was just gonna pay again but if i cant use my island whats the point of it please help
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    • If this player has access to your island it is because you gave him the permissions.
      Simply remove them from the board at the enter of your island and then claim the farms as your own and voila !
      The owner of the island is the only one to have full control of the island.
      Even if you gave him co owners rights, he can not overstep your settings.