[03. March 2021] Rise of Avalon Patch 15

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    • [03. March 2021] Rise of Avalon Patch 15

      Rise of Avalon Patch 15 (Season 12 Patch) - Ver. 1.17.410 / REV 186806 - 3 March 2021

      For full details of these changes and the reasoning behind them, see this forum post: forum.albiononline.com/index.p…nges-for-Guild-Season-12/

      Season Point Changes

      Territory Season Points (amounts given daily for owned territories):
      • 240 → 300
      • 200 → 260
      • 160 → 220
      • 120 → 180
      • 80 → 140
      • 40 → 100
      Castle Season Points (amounts given every six hours for owned castles):
      • 270 → 340
      • 225 → 295
      • 180 → 250
      • 135 → 205
      • 90 → 160
      • 45 → 115
      Castle Outpost Season Points (amounts given every three hours for owned castle outposts):
      • 48 → 50
      • 40 → 44
      • 32 → 38
      • 24 → 32
      • 16 → 26
      • 8 → 20
      Season Point Bracket Thresholds
      • Crystal: 240,000 → 250,000
      • Gold: 75,000 → 80,000
      • Silver: 20,000 → 25,000
      • Bronze: 5,000 → 7,500
      • Iron: 1,000 (no change)
      Open World Boss Location and Static Dungeon Changes

      The Fame buff in these locations now comes primarily from Elite mobs, and stacks incrementally (+1%) with each mob killed. World Bosses no longer give a flat 20% increase, though they still contribute to the Fame buff at the same 1% rate. Details:
      • Affected mobs: open-world Keeper, Morgana, and Undead Elite mobs and World Bosses
      • Each defeated mob gives a buff which increases PvE Fame (killing non-player enemies) by 1%
      • Buff is not increased by killing weaker mobs (Brittle Skeletons, etc.)
      • By repeatedly defeating mobs in the area, the buff can stack up to +50% bonus PvE Fame
      • Each stack is only granted to members of the party that kills the mob
      • Party members must be within 20m of the killed mob to receive the buff
      • Buff is lost on death or cluster change
      • World Bosses no longer give the 20% buff, but do still contribute to the stacking 1% buff
      • Buff is also granted by all Undead, Keeper and Morgana group mobs in non-instanced content (i.e. static dungeon locations in the open world)
      • Additional mob change: the lava puddle left behind upon death by the Elite Bound Molten Demon will no longer deal damage
      20v20 Crystal League Changes
      • Starting Points per Team: 200 → 250
      • Point value per Player Kill: 1 → 2
      • Added a new level between level 1 and 2 so there are now 3 levels of daily matches
      • All levels above 2 are moved up a level (e.g. old level 4 → new level 5); highest match level is now 7
      • Rewards and token prices have been adjusted
      Treasure Chest Changes
      • Overall loot value of Castle Chests increased by about 100%, including newly added T6-8 Artifacts
      • Lesser Outland Treasure Chests now spawn more often (every 60 minutes) and their loot has been reduced accordingly, but they have a chance to contain a Tier 6-8 Artifact
      Guild Challenge Changes
      Reduced Season Points for lower Guild Challenge levels to reduce the amount of overall Siphoned Energy generated and put more emphasis on open-world objectives like territories:
      • Level 1: 50 → 20
      • Level 2: 100 → 40
      • Level 3: 150 → 60
      • Level 4: 200 → 80
      • Level 5: 250 → 100
      • Level 6: 300 → 120
      • Level 7: 300 → 140
      • Level 8: 300 → 160
      • Level 9: 300 → 180
      • Level 10: 300 → 200
      • Level 11: 300 → 220
      • Level 12: 300 → 240
      • Level 13: 300 → 260
      • Level 14: 300 → 280
      • Level 15+: 300 (stays unchanged)
      • Map tooltips for open-world objectives (Outlands Treasures, Castle Treasures, and Castle Outpost Treasures) now correctly display the appearance interval
      • Fixed an issue where it was sometimes not possible to set a Hideout owned by your own guild, or a Level 3 Hideout owned by an allied guild, as Home
      • Mobs outside the Outlands no longer reward Season Points, as intended
      • Fixed an issue where favorite islands could not be removed from the list once the limit of 100 islands was reached
      • Lucent Hawk (Mistpiercer) now properly hits long-distance targets as intended
      • [iOS] Fixed an issue where some avatars and avatar rings had opaque backgrounds
      • Additional minor graphical, terrain, and localization fixes
    • Sorry about my phrasing here.
      The new fame buff only applies to static dungeons, world bosses and elite mobs in the Black Zone just like the buff before the patch.

      Elite mobs are mobs intended for larger groups. Their location are shown on the world map by their World Boss (Harvester for Undead, Earthmother for Keeper and Demon Prince for Morgana).

      Best Regards,
      Thorn Delwyn

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    • After some testing in the blackzone static dungeons about the dungeon buff i found out the following with the following test conditions

      Test conditions
      T8 satchel
      6 group members with aoe build and a tank of average skill level
      T7 static which has T8 instance dungeons inside

      T7 Static with 50% increased buff average fame 3.5 to 4.5k fame per mob with more mobs killed per hour due to large pulls o 5-6 mobs
      no big payout chests

      T8 instance dungeon no fame buff 4k to 5.6k fame per mob kill. lower mob density of 2-3 per pull
      has big payout chests but is about RNG since you can get bad rolls

      running around the top side of the dungeon is good fame wise but eats a heavy toll on your silver for a slight increase in fame
      guild members decide a balance of silver and fame is better than a sliver loss during fame farming
      with so many other better opportunities to make fame and silver per hour such as roads and corrupted dungeons the only reason to ever do group dungeons is to level those items who are not viable in solo pve

      ways to fix this
      Add open dungeon boss to guard high value chests similar to in open world bosses where the main target is the big boss which drops a mil in fame when killed
      fix blackzone in general adding higher risk objectives such as better outlands chests and stuff take a look at my Albion online expansion idea 4 for more examples on ideas
      Fix black zone cause "safe new content"(concept of safe content is debatable) is currently more profitable than Old open world content

      Also on side note the change to make lesser outlands treasure chests spawn every hour is not profitable at all. 250k for 1 hour with a high chance of dying is not worth the loot this is considering most people in the blackzone brings a t8 or t7 set costing at least 400k silver

      the (large) greater treasure chest which gives 2 mil every 7 hours fair no better as well because you are bringing 4-7 people in such gear to a fight with not enough profits to cover the cost if you die.

      i guess if you have a free chest as a solo or win those fights consistently you would make a good bankroll with the loot from kills but the way i see it. it is just a silver sink and not a high risk high reward encounter

      the change to castles which makes it more worth while for larger groups is a very good change because it now actually rewards players who hold the chests properly (still debatable)
      Embrace the Risk Vs Reward. Do not deny it
      For it will only bring you pain


      Currently aiming for 120 on all Armors related to Morningstar Build