Specter Jacket nerf / buff

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    • Specter Jacket nerf / buff

      Its kinda lackluster now. It takes any skill and synergy of this armor with other weapons and abilities.

      The damage was increased a lot. Now since no damage modifiers apply to it, anyone brain dead can just turn it on and go nuts and still deal damage.

      While the players who could stack damage modifiers can´t really push it into it´s full potential now.

      Now the expendable foot soldiers can just run into zerg and deal pretty hard damage even without pushing any buttons, while those that can play a bit can´t make use of full potential of specter jacket anymore. It´s a welcomed change to for example bloodletters, but very bad change for like those few axe players that use it in zvz.

      And for small scale content, specter jacket will be the bane of many - for noobs can easily make use of it, while pros cant make use of it that much anymore.

      This change takes all the skill away from using this armor, and i think it´s a bit sad.
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    • Fred_the_Barbarian wrote:

      I'm not too impressed by the "buff" myself, since specter jacket's base damage bonus plus a stew already makes it a wash, but now you physically can't push it any higher. Stop nerfing my damn jacket Retro.
      It´s just so .... boring. It´s like pushing to nerf any kind of nice damage out ouf the game. AOE escalation, this nerf - no fun allowed for individuals to have any significant impact.

      On the other hand, things like guardian helm was introduced to the game, where a single individual can Shutdown E of one or two people by a single click of the button. That´s just ... not fun.

      Since specter jacket doesn´t even stack, why not make it as it was, or not nerf it as hard as it is ?
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