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      I think, while the new version of the blight staff is more interesting for group content, there is the need to modifiy a lot of the numbers.

      "Ruthless Nature (Blight Staff)
      • Caster's move speed is now increased by 30% during the channel
      • Max Ticks: 6 -> 10 (Heal value per tick stays unchanged)
      • Tick Interval: 1s -> 0.8s
      • Total Channel Duration: 6s -> 7.2s
      • Max Healing Targets: 5 -> 10
      • The channel duration is now reduced when the caster takes damage (Disruption Faction: 0.5)"
      1. First, the duration is way too long, even with the disruption factor* which could be doubled or tripled.
      2. the move speed buff need to go way down, 30% movement speed for 7.2 seconds is just too much even when factoring the possible reduction of the duration.
      3. The same spell cannot be uninterruptible, increase movement speed by 30 % and slow enemies by 20% in the area
      4. The heal is also too much right now, way way way too much

      Sorry if it looked alarming, i'm aware that "All these changes are still in testing and may vastly differ in the final patch. Sometimes we just try out various things, which may get reverted. Also the balance changes are not neccessarily all complete. Just because a certain item is not adjusted in the changelogs so far, doesn't mean it isn't on our 'need to be adjusted'-list. These changes are simply a snapshot of the current development and everything in there needs to be taken with a grain of salt.".

      But when guardian helmet rework entered live server it was untouched despite all the warning and the item is still being nerfed because of it's overuse, this blight staff is way more broken.

      Thanks for considering my request and have a nice day.