KDS now recruiting! [NA/EU]

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    • KDS now recruiting! [NA/EU]

      What We Offer
      - Daily content in the form of PvP groups, ganking, hellgates, arenas, etc.
      - Regular ZvZ content and territory fights
      - Weekly Avalonian Dungeon runs
      - Blackzone territories
      - Hideout in the blackzones with access to high tier gathering and faming
      - An active, growing player base with 15-20+ players online at almost all times throughout EU and NA prime times
      - A friendly, mature community of players who strive to continually improve
      - A structured, highly organized and ambitious guild rebuilding its presence in Albion.

      Listen to our AlbionTV interview!

      What We're Looking For
      - Mature, team oriented players who are looking to belong and contribute to a community
      - PvP focused players, crafters, and gatherers
      - Experienced players. While we're recently back to Albion, our core membership is old school beta and launch players
      - Newer players. While we ask that all members have a fundamental understanding of game mechanics to join, we're willing to help low fame players fame up and learn the game
      - 18+ years of age

      KDS Now:

      KDS originally played Albion Online back in the early beta versions of the game all the way through launch, though decided that it was time for a break several years ago. Our recognizable custom KDS logo in game as a guild logo option shows our past history and dedication to Albion, and we're excited to be back to try out it fresh. While we're currently only a small group returning to the game, and we're seeking out like-minded players to help rebuild our presence here, especially those that enjoy an organized guild, coordinated PvP and logistics, and a strong sense of community.

      The current leader of KDS in Albion, Zyke, has history with the game dating all the way back through the early beta stages and launch. He is also a decades-long veteran of other MMO's, especially Eve online, where he led several successful corps and spent most of his time PvP'ing in both low and nullsec alliances.

      KDS Then:

      KDS is a guild founded in 2003 in Star Wars Galaxies on the Chimaera server, where it was the flag holder for the empire up until the release of the CU. We have consistently followed every AAA MMO available over the last 17 years, ensuring that with each and every game we gain knowledge and experience to bring into the next.

      Our members are from all over the world, and this diversity is what makes our community great with over 500+ members.

      Over the years three things have defined us:

      1. We are a driving force for our servers community and the games we play:

      Be it by being hired to kill the Titan in FFXIV, our PvP experience, or for most advanced city on the EU server in DFUW.

      2. We LOVE our PVP:

      We have always been first and foremost a PvP guild, ranging from everything from small scale skirmishes to all-out pitched battles.

      3. We respect and involve everyone through our actions and our Code of Conduct:

      Over the years KDS has learnt to become a leading community with a large player base and many diverse and amazing members. We encourage people to shine, create events, and move up the ranks. If you want an opportunity to prove you can lead PVP, or create a better structure you have that opportunity.

      The Most Important goal of KDS is: To Have Fun and provide fun for it's members.

      In any competitive environment, even more so within a PVP Orientated MMO, winning engagements and gaining a strong foothold on your server is a huge boost for moral and enjoyment. In order to ensure we have the ability to offer this to our alliance and community we need disciplined, eager members that strive to become unified in their approach to PvP. DISCIPLINE is a core value of KDS!

      How do I apply?

      Please join our Albion branch discord and ask to speak to a recruiter.


      Gen. Prom of KDS
      Recruitment Post

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    • KDS has been present on the gaming world for many years and in time has built a large community of players. This a good opportunity to become part of that and to enjoy the environment we provide.
      Be it that you are a merchant, a crafter, or a hardcore PvP-er we create content for all types.
    • Prom wrote:

      We've had an wonderful PvP evening yesterdayand I finally died ... to an npc :cursing: ....

      Had a great time with Gromrik and others yesterdays (thanks for that). I haven't laughed that hard in ages!

      I have been part of KDS since 2006 around the time Warhammer Online came out and honestly I would feel weird being anywhere else.