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    Keepers of the DarkSide


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    KDS is a guild founded in 2003 in Star Wars Galaxies on the Chimaera server, where it was the flag holder for the empire up until the release of the CU. We have consistently followed every AAA MMO available over the last 12 years, ensuring that with each and every game we gain knowledge and experience to bring into the next.

    Our members are from all over the world, however our main core player base is from Europe. Diversity is what makes our community great with about 1000 members strong.

    Over the years three things have defined us:

    1. We are a driving force for our servers community and the games we play:

    Be it by being hired to kill the Titan in FFXIV, our PvP experience, or for most advanced city on the EU server in DFUW.

    2. We LOVE our PVP:

    We cover small scale assaults, ambush tactics as well as the large scale, especially the latter with great proficiency.

    3. We respect and involve everyone through our actions and our Code of Conduct:

    Over the years KDS has learnt to become a leading community with a large player base and many diverse and amazing members. We encourage people to shine, create events and move up the ranks. If you want an opportunity to prove you can lead PVP, or create a better structure you have that opportunity.

    The Most Important goal of KDS is: To Have Fun and provide fun for it's members.

    In any competitive environment, even more so within a PVP Orientated MMO, winning engagements and gaining a strong foothold on your server is a huge boost for moral and enjoyment. In order to ensure we have the ability to offer this to our alliance and community we need disciplined, eager members that strive to become unified in their approach to PvP. DISCIPLINE is a core value of KDS!


    We envision KDS as a Semi RP Military Dictatorship. What does this mean for you?

    We have a relaxed atmosphere, however we don’t take aggressive or rude nature lightly.

    When it comes to operations be it PvE or PvP, we shift gear, and the military style kicks in. This ranges from:
    1. Quiet "Voice Comms" (TS).
    2. Follow orders without question.
    3. When relaying important information regarding the immediate battle do it with maximum information content and minimum amount of words.


    Do you expect your members to follow orders blindly and never ask a question?

    During the actual Operations - Yes – Orders are orders. Have you tried running 4 platoons, 8 squads and listening to 4-5 different teamspeak channels at once? It’s hard work! We try to keep that relaxed environment as much as possible but we do require members to follow the Commander (even if he does lead you off a cliff.. Yes Prom I'm looking at you )

    At the end of the Operation - everything is on the table and we discuss what went well but especially what went wrong. We do it in TS or on forums, in public or in private. This is to gain knowledge and experience. We generally put up a format on the forums after each event to gain extensive feedback and proactively work on mistakes and what we can do better.

    Bottom line: Nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes but most importantly we all learn and train to get better.


    Do we expect you to know all that and be KDS Battle Ready from the get go?

    Of course not. When you join a new guild it takes time to get to know calls made by the Commander, how to work as a unified squad or platoon and to blend in with your surroundings. We appreciate that MMO players are from all walks of life and therefore incorporate our training methods to ensure we get the best out of everyone.

    Does this mean that KDS is purely a PvP guild?

    Not by a long shot. We have all kinds of members ranging from families, students, to your workaholics, you name it we have it! However we do understand that real life comes first.

    In order to preserve our wonderful community we do have a membership required of 18 years of age in KDS. We love our PVP (if you cannot tell by now) and as such would like to state that we are looking for like-minded members, if you detest PVP of any sort then KDS will not be for you.


    Do you offer opportunities to advance?

    KDS is a meritocracy. If you show initiative and "make things happen" then you can and will quickly climb up the ranks. In KDS we are always on the lookout for people willing to provide content for others.


    How do you play the numbers game?

    Another core value of KDS is STRUCTURE. We have extensive experience (since 2003) on structuring the KDS Army (PvP player base) and the Civil Corp (Crafters, Traders, Gatherers).
    We use a Squad System: Squad < Platoon < Company < KDS Army. This squad system is governed by High Command and/or game officers. This is a flexible system that we continuously adjust to fit the needs of the guild as it’s members.


    What's with the Dictatorship? Do you ask members to clean the latrines?

    As a community we listen to every single member and we take pride in doing so. This simply means that the end decision process is done at the officer level. This allows for a fast decision making process through our High Command and officers and allows you to enjoy your game play without the fuss of political debates.

    KDS Officers are here to serve the members by providing content and solving issue. Enforcing our Code of Conduct is everyone's job, from the newest Private to the General.


    TLDR version:

    - Semi RP Meritocratic Military Dictatorship

    - Core values: Fun, Discipline, Structure

    Recruitment Movie


    How do I apply?

    If you have managed to read all this and decided KDS is for you, than you make an application here and in the upper right corner, under Recruitment, choose "Albion Online Application"

    2. If you are a diplomat and would like to keep in contact with KDS than make an application here and in the upper right corner, under Recruitment, choose "Apply for Diplomatic Status!"

    If you decide to make an application, please put some effort into it. We appreciate it can be boring but we are looking for like minded individuals.

    Thank you for your consideration!

    The Keepers are coming!



    Since the release of Albion Online, the Keepers of the DarkSide have evolved as a unified structure.
    Since the initial push, we had a continuous presence in the open world and GvG fields. Countless battles have been fought in Cumbria and later on in Anglia, which led to our settlement in the Dun Saper Doune town plot.
    We have always respected both our friends and enemies we have encountered. Some of the alliances we have co-led or took an active role in were FAME or ARCH (in its inception). KDS has accepted new members and guilds that merged, while holding our code of conduct at our core.
    Kay patch has brought a surge in activity in our guild, which laid out the foundations of our conquered lands.

    Current objectives:
    - Control 10+ territories under the KDS banner.
    - 3 GvG teams permanently manning our Watchtowers.
    - Join a like-minded alliance.
    - Expanding our active player base from current 60. (Our recruitment is currently open).
    - Up-to-date video and recruitment threads.


    KDS Got it's Logo in Albion

    Crazy run through the not so final "Final Beta"

    A sum of the last few weeks in the #7 War Report: albiononline.com/en/news/Albion-War-Report-Issue7

    First guild on server to complete T8 crafting stations:



    KDS High Command

    Gen. Prom of KDS
    Recruitment Post

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