"Warning before entering PVP areas" is not working

    • "Warning before entering PVP areas" is not working

      Hi, I cant seems to get the notification back on. Even when its on in the setting, i wouldn't get a notification popup warning me that I'm about to enter a PVP zone. How do I fix this? One time a group of gankers tried to push me from a yellow zone to red zone and the only thing that saved me was the warning popup preventing me from zoning to the next map. With no notification, people can try that tactic again and I don't know how to protect myself from it aside from logging out and pray that I will be logged out before the can push me to the next map. Please help. Thank you in advance
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    • oooooo yes! that is the problem! The decision is recorded there. This solves the issue i'm having. Thank you very much. Lol im like a kid who just got a puppy now. Hahaha

      I had misunderstood you when you told me to reset the notification tab. I thought the "warning when entering pvp area" option. Im sorry for the hassle