• Faction Warfare

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    • I feel like the points for killing players are insanely low (Between 0.09 and 7, for me). Even when you get a lot even if you're not in the cluster and is in general very spammy and confusing, after more than an hour in the event with huge fights going and people daying nonstop, I managed to get like 7k points (this included the cluster ownership points we fgot). We went to a red zone to try if killing there was any better. No, not at all. We wiled a 1500 ip guy and got 2 points each. Is this intended?

      On the other hand, before the event we captured 4 zones for FS and got about 40k points in total each.
    • If they are using people's ip/fame on kill as a way to measure how much point should you earn they're kinda dumb.

      Even now people fill their alts with guccy gear and kill it just for the pvp fame, if that pvp fame they earn gives them a monetary return, even if it is lower then the gear they just crashed, it will be an incentive to keep doing.

      For sure if the points are this low as you said, it should be changed. Maybe using the new 29 rankings to measure how much points you earn by killing an enemy.
      Ex, the bounty for killing a higher rank should be greater then killing a recruit
    • Yeah the points were very low. There was even a GM saying "Grouping up is better because the points scale" but it clearly doesn't scale it just splits. Obviously once the numbers participating drop down from the hype the splits will be better but the current way it splits with people that are doing nothing but being flagged and in the same zone is very scuffed. The way defence points are handed out is very weird as well. Before I event went out of the city waiting for 18:30 I had gained about 600 defence points just standing in town but once I left the city those points stopped and I was just getting the spam 0.## points. I was apart of 819 knockdowns and captured 2 outposts and ended up with 2.4k points.

      I then went to test if fame farming while faction flagged still gave points.... and it did. Which is nonsense, if the new system gets a better points structure you shouldn't get faction points from non faction related NPCs.