[R4VEN] xX Murica Xx is recruiting new members!

    • [R4VEN] xX Murica Xx is recruiting new members!

      xX Murica Xx is recruiting! :thumbsup:

      • 10% guild tax. This will never go higher. Taxes help us keep high level content for you.
      • No mandatory content. THIS GAME IS ABOUT FRIENDS and FUN!
      • Access T8 blackzone fame farm and pvp content. (T8 Ocean and Freshwater Fishing)
      • We teach new players about the bounties of Avalon.
      • Free T4/T5 basic gear for all members; the best way to profit, is when you do not fear death!
      • We vote for new leadership quarterly! You have the opportunity to lead our guild, if you win the support of your mates!
      • An extremely helpful community that will help answer questions; we also create Youtube Tutorials at your request!
      • We will help you get to sustainable gameplay.

      What we expect from our members:

      • Obey our NAPs (Non Aggression Pacts) --- hours of work go into our diplomacy.
      • We have men and women of all ages and races in our group. We all serve each other and deserve respect.
      • Longterm inactivity of over 2 months is not tolerated. Just hop on and play once in awhile!
      • Discord is necessary. Be on Discord while online, otherwise you miss out on fun opportunities and new friendships. It is impossible to type during pvp.
      • Speak and understand English.

      Please reach out to us on Discord with the following! discord.gg/TZDwHWSV

      1. What is your in-game name?
      2. What country do you currently live in?
      3. What hours do you play UTC?

      We look forward to playing with you!