Should we move...? Seeking ideas and opinions

    • Should we move...? Seeking ideas and opinions

      Due to the upcoming Call to Arms update, players will get a one-time chance to move their islands. So, this creates a big question for a lot of players: should I move, and if so, where?

      Some of the possible factors are:

      (1) Where the guild island is. I never visit my guild island, so maybe it is an irrelevant factor.

      (2) What market has the best prices. Currently I am in kind of a crappy market, but on the other hand, the choices are not obvious. Do I want most profitable, cheapest or market with the most stuff/availability?

      (3) What city is currently most successful in faction warfare. Should we migrate to the city(s) that are currently the best performers on the assumption they will continue to lead? Supposedly the patch will give incentives for players to move to badly performing factions, however, if your island is in a different city, will the faction benefits outweigh being separated from your island?

      (4) The faction mount. Some of the faction mounts seem to be a lot more useful than others, which suggests you may want to move your island to a city with good mounts. I guess if mounts can be bought and sold, it is only a minor advantage. It just means the mounts you get are worth more than the mounts you would get if you were based in a city with sucky mounts.

      (5) Biome related choice. A player can migrate to a city with a biome that matches their gathering skills. On the other hand, if you only gather in the BZ, then the low tier gathering nodes may be irrelevant. However, even so, when you bring your resources back from the BZ, then the question is where will you get the best prices? So, for example, if you gather fiber, should you move to Thetford on the theory it will give the best prices for your fiber? Or maybe not. When I look at resource prices in different cities, it's hard to see why certain resources sell for more or less in certain cities.

      So, from the above, you can see there are a lot of different factors that could drive a choice of island location. What ideas and opinions do you have about it?
    • What are you doing with your personal island that makes it so key to your ability to play the game?

      If you're using it for storage, and you move city, get a guild island on an alt and have even more storage. If you're using it for farming, then are the slight differences in the markets really a deal breaker? If you're using it for laborers and crafting, then probably put it in the city you craft in so you don't have to carry books halfway round the world to process them - but again, guild islands are your best friend.

      My island is in lymhurst, but I play out of every city when I feel like it. Don't feel like you have to centralise all your stuff in one place, or tie yourself to one particular city, it isn't necessary for most things.
      Arcane shill

      Looking for a job with labourers?
    • Creating an alt + guild costs around 250k silvers.

      Sure you can move your island, but if you play this game for a while (so you have that 250k), buying a guild island is the best to have an island in every city. The bank is huge, does not even need to build houses/chests.
      Deathskills says 150m silvers is too much for 84-112 hours of active gameplay out of 168 hours a week has. Does not answer how much a ganker does under that time. This player is a joke.