[February 26th] Faction Warfare Playtest Challenge - Rewards Inside!

    • Quick feedback:

      Non-lethal pvp on yellow zones is a huge mistake, also the cluster queue would not be a problem if that's changed.
      Want to go far and beyond? Make it full pvp everywhe, just set ip caps on lower zones.

      Just leave blue zones blue - non pvp.

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    • Eltharyon wrote:

      Hi everyone,

      its really hard to estimate how many people will be responding to playtests like this- we were far more successful than anticipated in mobilizing the Albion playerbase. Thank you for that! We've already collected lots of interesting technical data that helps us fix bugs before a release. We're also considering running another test once those issues have been adressed, and we'll be sure to boost up the test servers even further to allow for more players if we do.
      Thank you. Was really frustrating to wait 20-30 minutes in queue, as we had to be back before the next CTA in live server, so that ate our time in the test.
    • While I enjoyed yellow zones big zerg fucking with each other for 30 mins,I found it in the end a bit boring and repetitive. I feel it would have been funnier if yellow was full loot maybe with an IP cap on the yellow zones (only if you're faction flagged obviously) and no cap on red obviously. Didn't have the chance to try red zones faction fights as bridgewatch pushed martlock back to martlock in 30 mins lol.

      I understand it won't be 200 vs 200 people on all the zones at any given time on live server, but that's my thoughts about the yellow. I'm pretty sure the red zones fights will be funnier.
    • The reason why zergs fought in yz is that they didn't have much gear to waste. With additional repair stations in outposts it was easier to play. I saw small groups fighting in red zones. And after all I think its good that this kind of co tent is directed to small scale fights rather than 150vs150 that just need shot aller and decent numbers.
    • Thanks everyone once again for participating in the Faction Warfare playtest and giving your valuable feedback to our devs on this feature!

      We'd also like to announce the Top 20 players on each side who earned the highest amount of faction points in the playtest, and will be rewarded with 800 gold each:

      Martlock - Top 20

      • IgorMSF
      • VenomWeed
      • MriKhalid
      • Hawks94
      • SignuM
      • antonis2232
      • ShdlTV
      • ElTonno
      • deyniii
      • Umbraven
      • MsKarin
      • Dharok
      • WereHyena
      • LSDLeonidas
      • Reiswaffle
      • BetoMendoza
      • neketos
      • DobStyler
      • PhantomHaliax
      • Raiffan

      Bridgewatch - Top 20

      • Ferellia
      • Sarmon
      • samkiller23
      • Tipx
      • LAWLZOR
      • Gilv
      • qfEED
      • Vladimiir
      • Shemoz
      • Smatterzski
      • Fetingmannen
      • Dadel
      • drak247
      • KittyBlade
      • Mesterke
      • Ashtodor
      • DoctorTNT
      • Tbarjot
      • G20915F
      • Hinerman

      Congratulations to all! The rewards will be distributed shortly.

      If you have any additional comments or opinions about Faction Warfare, please feel free to leave them in our Call to Arms Feedback section (remember to label it under the respective category too!).

      - Mytherceria