Hallow fall nerf

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    • Hallow fall nerf

      Divine Intervention (Hallowfall)
      • Resistance Buff Duration: 4s → 2s
      • Resistance Increase per Stack: 0.18→ 0.09

      I suppose that nerf of Hallow Fall is not enough, other staffs worse than hallow fall in all PVP activities. For example Redemption have same heal power, but less mobility(jump), less survival(resistance), have cast point(easy to interupt) and it's two-hand; On other hand we have hallow fall wich haven't this disadvantages. That's why price of Hallow Fallow is ~500-600k for 4.0
    • but i agree the nerfs are abit harsh but look

      you might want to get your facts checked about redemption having same heal power

      redemption staff and hallow fall have the roughly same heal assuming the redemption orb bounces only twice to each target.
      if target recives more than 3 bounces then redemption is better then hallowfall in terms of healing but that only happens in 2v2 hell gates and not any larger groups

      also considering hallowfall is a instant mobility that does an AoE heal and CC on a "12" sec cooldown or less with mistcaller and omelet if you hit someone

      being able to cast a mobility skill that has an aoe heal every 12 seconds or so makes your effective heal higher then you might think since not every one rushes to the fallen staff E or gets the redemption staff's E or somesome other healing weapon

      take fallen staff with a base heal of 744 at t8 every 30 seconds and hallowfall at 330 at every 12 seconds which is effectively 825 heal per 30 seconds
      on top of heal,cc,mobility,resistance,instant castspeed.

      it is just the versatility of hallowfall and it being having a very over loaded E on top of being a 1 handed weapon that made every other healer staff pale in comparison

      i like the flavour text and the skill definately have the effects it should have but i have to agree when it was released it was more than over tuned
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    • decand wrote:

      The resistance buff of hfall wasn't the thing that made it good.
      this is core of this weapon you can jump in and pee on everything cuz u are unkillable mothafaka. now you have to go in and watchout cuz duration of that god form is short af
      especial it was perfect synergy with old scholar cowl and robe of purity, if you perfect manage cooldowns you was unkillable. almost 24/7 on 1 defensive ON