• Hellgates
    • i don't know how SBI achieved it
      i really thought that HELLGATES couldn't be worse that it's in the current state on live server, although, SBI did it.
      a lot of mobs for u to kill to go to the next gate that gives u a average 300 red fame each one AND a incredible 900ip HARDCAP which makes HELLGATES really rewarding, since u'll be killing a lot of 4flat players, getting at around 2000 silver and 500 pvp fame each HG fight.
      congrats SBI!!!!t :thumbsup:
    • How the fuck..is it really 900 IP hard cap??? I love how they keep increasing the amount of IP a player can acquire but decrease IP caps in content to next to nothing. Seriously HOW. Also yes what is so damn hard in letting the maps spawn in same zone???
    • Whats the point of bringing f.e. 8.3 set while its hardly capped by 900 IP so u will get 1100-1200 inside HG while outside 1600? XD

      Lets say I can play 1h per day.

      Lets look about whole content - 15 min to find/go in HG - 15 min fight/killing mobs inside HG (95% 4.1 sets) - 15 min refill

      Now HG spawns every 6 min, so I could make ~8HGs/h (50% 4.1 sets) after uptade I will be able to do 2-3 max .... That content will dead.

      I agree that it should be stage for newbies but not 800 and then next 900 HARD Ip cap... Make stages 800-950-1200 or 2 like on Corrupted - 800 - hard and 1200-soft IP cap.
    • i like the idea of maps added to the game to play any type of HG /there is also diffrent levels of HG (Non lethal for noobs/ and lethal ones) Yes Ip cap may not be the highest but remembeer the game isnt just made for the max spec player but also for the Newer players ingame. 1200Ip even while trying to actualy play a gate as a newer player is actualy hard.
      Some may say here -- well they can play nonlethal well to you my friend i would say why dont you go play nonlethal simple its a pvp game just like all the maxed out player im sure the newer / players who already been playing for a month would liekt o get into pvp

      It will increase the cost of ratting
      I wont /my teammate wont get ratted trying to join the gate

      +10v10 gonna be a fresh new thing for the game

      I love this Update
    • Look ..hg content..

      We lack small scale, 1 on 1, 2 on 2, 3 on 3

      We have an overflow of 5 people activities

      But coordinating 5 people or even 10 sucks for me

      One needs to piss, the other ..food is ready..the 3. Died recently and thinks healer is crap..the 4. Doesn't have so much time..

      Organise 5 people for gvg was already a nightmare and limited to 2 hours per day..

      The 5 hg had an issue with enough decent teams, you mostly had 4.1 rats or always the same teams

      Lots of 5 gates had no competition..

      10 man gates will be limited to a few guilds during the day and mostly be empty

      Almost nobody wants permanent 10 man gates...

      Why not one man gates ..or 3 man??

      This game is promoted as a mobile game, neither hg 10 nor factions Zerg is suitable on mobile

      Feedback to sbi: 10 man gates is dead content, proposed by people that seem to not be really involved in day to day game..serious issue here..
    • I guess i kinda agree they should add t8 HGs not just for 10v10 but also for 2v2
      I like the idea of adding additional versions liek 3v3
      Also your forgetting an important factor, they will be adding infamy for all types of HG 2v2 5v5 10v10 so your less likly to be fighting any newbies

      Also 5v5 HG aint limited to anyone/Guilds? You can litrely join a HG discords and find people to play whit. It aint that hard.
      unless you've been showing toxic behavior this will make people avoid you.
      Which by the way is a good thing. Dont be Toxic / mabey try to be open, make good friends and you will be able to do a lots of 5v5 10v10 content. Atleast thats how its been for me ^^
      The Quality of a person always shown in any of the teamgames.

      Imagine having a queing system from league of legends in albion. That would scream desaster. Imagine queing whit a unfilld party and end up whit toxic kids or Players which are currently enemys to your guild.

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    • For non-lethal YHG, 900IP hard cap is totally fine.
      It is perfectly consistent to Crystal League level 1.

      The lethal versions are debatable.

      The map system doesn't look that bad.
      Some dudes are complaining that it may requires us to spend more time reaching the location,
      but read the patch notes.

      In addition to returning to the surface after successfully defeating an enemy team, groups now have the option to "chain" Hellgates and immediately start another

      we can cycle faster than before.

      And I love to have 3v3 HG.

      Tyrannosaurus-rex / RIP
      お前は すでに 死んでいる

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