4th Corrupted Dungeon mode

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    • 4th Corrupted Dungeon mode

      Hello everyone,
      What do you think about creating the 4th Corrupted Dungeon mode? It would be like 1500+ IP, no IP cap. This mode would be for people, who run expensive gear and want to get rewarded with others' expensive items.
      I am personally tired of t6 bows or 4.1 overcharged black hands in slayers. They are worth +- 100k and can kill you.
    • I consider this one to be a good idea, SBI. If you add an additional layer for CDs:
      1. PvP in Slayer level will be more fair for players who are somehow experienced but still don’t have a godlike economy.
      2. People will have more reasons to buy a T8.3 Set to fight others in alike conditions in corrupted dungeons, keeping the rewards always high, and sinking silver with both the expensive items trashing and the food/potions players are expected to consume.
      It could be an appropriate form of solo endgame content, please, take it into consideration.
      Staff of Balance is not dead! Royal March was* :)