Bug: Normal Bow E, Enchanted Quiver, not giving full buff for full 18 shots

    • Bug: Normal Bow E, Enchanted Quiver, not giving full buff for full 18 shots

      Hello, I have noticed a few irregularities in the Attack Damage and Attack Speed buff given by the normal Bow E Enchanted Quiver. I have often finished combat with a few arrows left in the quiver's count on my buff bar, but when I start combat again with a new mob it won't always use them and give the buff. It seems to happen mostly when there's below 6 arrows in the quiver and the previous stacking of the buff has run out. I have also seen it happen while still in combat but changing targets and having to move to avoid AOEs making the stacked buff time out but arrows are still left in quiver buff total. Normally the CD on the E skill has reset so refreshing the buff is almost always there but it seems a bit odd that the buff is reacting this way when logically it should still give the Damage/Speed buff even if it can't reach max stack with the number of arrows remaining. Also have noticed this happens even more often if the number of arrows is at the 2-4 range. I have also seen it get down to 3-4 arrows left and the stacked buff still active, but moving to the next mob target doesn't use the arrows and doesn't refresh the stacked buff.

      Either the tracker isn't functioning properly or the buff isn't allowing itself to trigger if it can't reach max stacks. And it is also possibly that using other skills like the Q Deadly Shot is using up an arrow in the Enchanted Quiver but not giving the buff or being tracked by the tracking buff.

      Please check on this to see what is causing this issue.

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