Boys in the Hood

    • Boys in the Hood

      We grew up in the South side. It was always rough around here. We didn’t have much work going, maybe go out now and then, find a target, slice and dice…and take home the loot. But it wasn’t glamorous or nothing.

      Not like the boys out in the city.

      Nah, we were made of different cloth. We had different goals, because we didn’t have the same opportunities.

      Our town was called Bridgewatch, but most ppl just called it BW.I grew up with a couple of the kids from the neighbourhood, who were like me. We weren’t into big hitting loot, just day to day survival really. We would hear about the big boys and their crazy paydays, looting mammoths and shizzles. But us…man we would get hype if we could get our hands on a T5 horse.

      As we grew up, I knew this wasn’t the life for me. I wanted better. I wanted to be a high stakes player. Someone who could make big numbers. A real gangster. I was growing frustrated with the small timers I grew up with, going to find cheap hookers in Lazygrass and Smoothfloor. I wanted to go with the big hitters, to the place we called the Bee Zee, or BZ.

      Rumours had it, the people there were ruthless killers. No one rolled out on their own there, hell no. You had to wear your gang colours and roll around with your crew. Fk T5 horses, in BZ, ppl would roll around in the all electric Swiftclaws, and that new Japanese Direwolf. Hell, some ppl even had the money to bring out some real high end rides.Sh1t I had only heard about in BW, but never even seen.

      I was desperate for that life.

      I would talk to my ppls about it all the time, and eventually convinced them to come to the BZ for a peep. Just a 5 minute look, nothing fancy. They agreed.

      So we dressed up in our best swagger. Yes, this was gonna be out night to shine. We met up on my boys little island and got ourselves armed to the teeth. Machetes, Axes, Hammers whatever we thought we would need, we got. Right now, we were poor, so we could afford the 4 or 5 inch blades. But we got em’ along with our garms for warfare.

      Me..well, I wasn’t into the close combat sh1t. I liked to stay back and assess the situation. So I got my trusted 5 star weapon, I had nicknamed Frosty. Why…coz it was cold as muthafkin ice.

      So we started to roll out. This was it…we were really gonna do this.

      When we first got to BZ, it was calm. A lot quieter than I had expected. Couldn’t see any of the hot chicks, or the pimped out marks we would read about. To be honest, there weren’t sh1t out here.

      Then outta nowhere, we saw next man, from the Op block. He was wearing his colours loud and proud. Red as a mofo.

      I shouted ‘get that mofo, go go go’. What a dumbass kid, to come out on his own. This was gonna be easy money for me and the gang.

      Bappit hit him with the HUGEEEEE CAMLANNN.I smashed in with my Icey Icey moves, and we were laughing, this was easy money.

      Then outta nowhere a heap of red bandana wearing muthafka’s showed up. Bam, splat, windwall, bang bang….it was over.

      Man was on his knees.

      I woke up in BW. Naked. Cold.

      I heard we all got jooked that day. Everything taken. Garms, weapons, rides..the works.

      It was hard. We lost a couple of the boys that day. Lost, but not forgotten.

      All this time, all I wanted was the money, the garms, the glory of BZ loot.

      But now it changed. All I wanted…all we all wanted…was revenge.

      [to be continued]

      You'll Never Walk Alone

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    • This was not going to be easy.

      Our first taste of the BZ had left the salty taste of blood in ours mouth. Sad news was, it was our own blood. To really be competitive in the BZ, we needed to have some money behind us. Something to support the cost of the arms and garms we intended to take.

      Being from a simple village, I was only raised on an average farmers salary. Papa used to grow them carrots, like he was a bunny. Bless his soul.

      But me…hell no, I wanted the fast life. So I wasn’t about to do no farming. Word was, there was a guy who wanted to hire someone like me. Someone who wasn’t afraid to carry things for other people.Move stuff in those murky and shadowy parts of the cities.

      Hell, I would move anything for the right price.

      The guys name was ‘DonkeyDave’.Not the scariest name I had ever heard for a big time dealer. But he had a rep of someone not be fkd with.

      He asked me to come see him in one of the low down bars in BW.When I saw him, he was sat on his own in one of the corner tables, so I approached him and sat down.

      This was the deal. If I could move his product, which was the worlds best knock off Yeezy leather trainers you could ever see, he would give me a cut. He needed his leather Yeezy’s to be moved from BW, to the capital…Caerlon.

      Now this was not some easy move.I would have to go through the Red Light Districts. And these were not just filled with hookers…no.This is the domain of a new breed of low life.The original gangsters…the OG’s had now been replaced.

      The new threat was the RG’s..the ‘Rat Gankers’.These low lifes, would plague the Red Light District around the capital, with one intention.To rob and steal from the honest trading folk trying to make an honest penny for themselves in the capital.

      I told Dave I would do his bidding, and I guaranteed I would move his leather Yeezy’s for him.

      First I needed a ride that could carry his goods, so I went out and bought all I could afford. A used t5 Ox-Rider.

      I loaded up the consignment of Yeezys from DonkeyDave, and I got some of my boys to come with me, as you know..eyes and ears…protection.We decided to move the consignment in chunks. Our T5 Ox had a small boot space, so we couldn’t load it all anyway.We went in blocks of 20% each time, worth around 5mill each trip.

      This should minimise the risk.

      We set off at the break of dawn, hoping that the RG’s would be sleeping.

      Once we entered the Red Light District, we were all ready for anything that went down. We passed a few innocent trading folk, and one or two worse for wear hookers.

      But got to Caerlon. Safe and sound.

      We dumped the consignment in DonkeyDaves Island and headed back to BW for more.

      Trip 2.

      Same. Safe, easy no issues at all. But we could see more people were now on the route, so my guy RVDDPS, said, why not take the whole remaining 60% with us. Net value was around 30million, but it was better to do it now, rather than another 4 round trips.

      Kinda made sense really. So I traded in my T5 Ox and went all out on a brand fking new T8 Ox. Big ass boot space. Pimped out in White and Gold Trims..ohh yeh baby.

      We loaded it up, and started. This was easy money.

      We got to the Red Light district, nothing. Empty as a mofo.

      RVDDPS was singing his bullsh1t song ‘ol town road’, and we were all just cracking up.

      Then we saw 1.

      Unmistakable. An RG.

      We could smell the little rat, before we even saw him. And he smelt of pu55y.Spending so much time in the Red Light District, preying on the weak hookers here, he smelt of them.

      HE floated within in our sight, before disappearing. My heart sank.I knew he was just prepping, or going invis for his first attack.But I was also confident as we had a group of 4 of us.We could repel this low life

      Suddenly I felt the smash of a poison bottle on my Ox.It started to spit and stutter. The poison was strong, and slowed his ass down hard.

      Out of nowhere, I felt something hit me in the face, disorientating me, almost like I was in fear.And my Ox ran backwards.There wasn’t one of the RG’s, but 6 or 7.And they were drilled in this.They knew this trick down to the Tee.

      RVDDPS was fighting the Frost staff, and hemmoH was fighting with a guy wearing what looked like BearPaws.It was brutal.But none of them were watching they had a medic with him, who would tend to their wounds everytime we struck a decent blow.This fight was not going to end well like this.

      I shouted, ‘Go for their healer dammit’.And I saw RVDDPS turn towards him.He popped his sprint straight for the healer.I just about managed to get control of my Ox and started to make a dash for the border entry to the Capital.

      RVDDPS hit their healer with his Mace, and hemmoH came rushing in with his Hammer.The healer was running.This fight was real, and it was going to be close. Suddenly my Ox just vanished. I was like wtf just happened. And I noticed there was a cheeky RatGankerwith a Fire Staff, who had hit my Ox hard.The Ox already weak from poison just disintegrated, and I was now on my feet. But I couldn’t move.

      WTF !!!!

      I was overloaded. I couldn’t move. My concentration had been on the fight between my guys and the RG’s, and I didn’t notice the Fire aiming at me.

      I was stood still, and getting pounded.

      The last thing I saw, was RVDDPS and hemmoH rushing towards me, as the blood and sweat drowned my teary eyes.

      This was going to be 30mill in losses.

      The Smugglers life….guess it wasn’t for me. And life…well now DonkeyDave might just take that away too.

      I was fkd…

      <to be continued>

      You'll Never Walk Alone