Duel Scam lymhurst Conquers Hall

    • Duel Scam lymhurst Conquers Hall

      hey dear Comunity ...
      how can it be that this player is still in the game.
      this player has already scanned several videos and has been reported several times.
      This player recently scammed a guild member from scrap metal.once the player was Shasuur 4 million and Spawkeye 2 million.
      but the supporters don't mind how can that be :( this is very bad.please change something about it this time even on video.
      Wysekpl = scammer please don't fall for it if he challenges you to duel.video evidence attached

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    • I actually hope that this player gets at least one penalty.or got it, it mustn't be at such a big com. then it is not done against it if it is even recorded in a video with player name and he did it more often.and I bet that there are many who stand on my side and say that the terms and conditions are otherwise worth a shit.
    • If you take a look at the video, and you have to look at the chat box when you hear the guy say "there's a dude dueling me for 7 mil" the player he is FIRST duel challenged by is Wysekpl for free at the 0:07 timestamp and it's very blurry but he is the one with the 727 IP and the Badon Bow, Cultist Robe, Assassin Hood that you are able to see. However at the 0:21 timestamp you get challenged by wysekpl for the 7 mil bet and he is the one who is up on the ledge putting you out of the duel ring from the very start of the challenge. Part of this is the fault of the Naming System that is EXTREMELY lenient and allows 2 characters to be named the same exact name but having just a capitalization being the difference. You also see the same issue with Alliance Tags and Guild Names where a person changes an O for a 0 and it is nearly the same, or using i instead of I or l and it's an issue for the way we see the text, notice even here those both look like the same but it's an i and L.

      If the devs could enforce a stricter naming program where people can't have the same name as another character then it would solve part of this exploit. Also another fix is making it where you can't have a duel start till both are in the ring area of the duel and that they are on the same level of plane for the duel. Easiest solution also would be to not allow dueling in the Realm Gate area since it's about the other place you can pull off this exploit. Also making the range of being able to challenge anyone to a duel be limited to a smaller circle than the duel area itself, making it so players can't accept a duel till they enter the dueling area to begin with.