Miner workboot needs to be changed

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    • Miner workboot needs to be changed

      Quarrier workboot and miner workboot essentially give the same levels of escape, the quarrier was changed to be a 2+ minute cooldown, while miner workboot continues to be less than half the cooldown.

      Miner workboot cooldown either needs to be majorly increased , or changed to where you are silenced for the entire duration of the cooldown.

      This item it being abused in many different areas of the game as it's providing completely risk-free gameplay due to the miniscule cooldown.
    • Agreed, the boots outweigh too many combat items and provide an unbalanced escape mechanic in fair pvp fights. The idea behind escaping gankers is fine but the reality is that almost all small scale (2-3 man groups) and many CD players will use these as they are more advantageous than items that are not aimed at gathering. You should not be able to use a piece of gathering gear as the most efficient pvp boots in ANY situation.
    • DoctorTNT wrote:

      A way to fix it could be to change those sprints into classic sprints : 70% for 6s or soldier boot sprint : weaker sprint but lasting 10s or more

      but make it unpurgeable, because atm those 2 sprints are pointless for gatherer escape since they will get purged instantly
      Atm miner boots are OP for escaping gankers, because you just activate them together with soldier helmet, and can run 2 screens while unpurgeable and invulnerable. But next patch dismount will no longer make you immune to silence from the boots, so the combo wont work anymore.