Axe passives - worst passives in the game, absolutely useless.

    • Axe passives - worst passives in the game, absolutely useless.

      Axes have 4 passives.
      1) . Receive 15% of your normal attack damage as Life Steal - absolute trash. Next to no value.

      2) . Every 4 normal attacks, all your damage gets increased by 8% for 3s - pretty useless generally. Useful in PVE, or possibly for brawl.

      3) Every 4 normal attacks, you inflict a bleeding effect on the enemy. This deals an additional xx damage per second for 1.5s - damage is extremely pitiful. Testing it on battleaxe, the bleed deals even less damage than 1 autoattack. Thus its like every fourth autoattack, you gain like 80% dmg of another autoattack. That´s pretty useless.
      It´s useful for bear paws, as bear paws hits much faster than other axes, thus getting higher value from it, and it also helps with proccing mercenary jackets stacks. That´s about it.

      4) Every 5 normal attacks, your resistances are increased by 88 for 2s. Could be useful if axes were played in cloth, but they aren´t. It´s generally what is used in zvz, group fights and so on, because out of all of these passives, this one at least has potential to somewhat helps with survability, but its pretty trash nonetheless.

      All these are just absolutely terrible. In comparison to other weapons, these are just a joke.

      Spears have brutally strong life steal with their autoattacks, huge attack speed buff which increases their damage a lot, slow etc.

      Swords have it similar to axes , however their attack speed is much faster, and they also have passive that gives them heroic charges every x autoattack. Due to their much faster speed, value from passive is much higher to them.

      Crossbows have insanely strong passive that resets their Q,knockback etc.

      Casters often have passive that increases their casting speed by ungodly amount. Curse even have some movement speed.

      And so on and so on. Daggers might have a bit crappy passives, but their attack speed is however very high, so that´s more of value to them.

      But axes ? Their attack speed apart speed of bear paws is Slow as hell. And these passives are just .... bad. Some nice new passive would be well welcomed. Even passive that applies one stack of bleed to oponnent every 4th or 5th autoattack would be welcome. Anything but this.
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