Lag and logging out randomly

    • lately it's rarely because of server lags, most likely it was your pc or internet

      where did you crash? was there a lot of other players around?

      when I go into full loot PvP areas I usually set my graphic options on normal or low just in case I run into a zerg so that my game won't crash

      next time you start lagging try to press ALT+H that will take away your whole UI (including nametags and all that), you can reverse it by pressing ALT+H again, that might be an emergency option, just remember that you can't see hostile player health bars/names while you do that
    • doooki wrote:

      @Nesnes It happens anywhere and idk what provokes it. It could happen while im at a SRD or in CD so it is very troublesome especially during PVP and my graphic settings are already low. My ping is around 250ish so idk if its that? but for my internet speed is at 163 MBS
      The bandwidth of your internet doesn't help anything with lag and latency. When you play the game, Albion client keep communicating with server by sending/receiving packet of information back and forth. Those packets are very small in size so there's no difference playing with a 10Mbs connection and a 160Mbs one most of the time.

      Your character get frozen and you get logged out when 1 or more of those packets doesn't reach the destination.

      Albion server is located somewhere in Washington, D.C, United States. Try ping to any public server there if you get 100%.

      If you don't get 100%. Try pinging to any public server located in your city. If you still doesn't get 100% then it's your ISP's fault.

      If you get 100% within your country but lose some packet to Washington US then there's nothing you can do, sometimes international connection from country A to country B just suck. If this is the case, try using ExitLag, I play from Asia and it helps a lot. (I mean a lot a lot :D )

      Edit, 1 extra step: If you don't get 100% pinging to a server in your city. Try pinging to your own router first before calling your ISP and drilling their ears out. Your router local IP is sth like or sth similar, it's printed on the back of your router.
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