Recruiter's Companion Crate

    • Recruiter's Companion Crate

      Zloženie: 100% bavlna. Good day. I have a question. How can another player, steal or destroy a mobile bank (Recruiter's Companion Crate) on a level 4 map? (Curlew Fen) No access right have been granted to anyone. The event happened today. It was a hack, or it's okay.
      I expected at the mobile bank where I grant the right of access to inviolability. Damage of about 140 milion silver. About the end of the game. VaclavIII

      Václav Navrátil
      IČ : 69133492
    • Furniture items can be destroyed in open world areas (meaning everywhere other than personal islands or hideouts)

      it's part of the game mechanics to prevent people from clustering up maps with furniture

      You can "attack" funiture by equipping a demolition hammer and hitting it until it breaks

      it's unfortunate that you lost your crate but it is part of the game mechanics and not a bug/hack