Give a soul to this game

    • Give a soul to this game

      Hi, I am new around here although I have been playing MMOs for more than 20 years, I have some suggestions that I really hope that one day they will put into the game.

      This game, as we well know, is a spiritual successor to Ultima Online (and many other games) but as a creative person who usually analyzes feelings, I must say that Ultima Online made me feel like I was in a fantasy world. Albion, does it half (perhaps the current overpopulation has something to do).

      The game usually becomes a matter of numbers, adding and adding + risk, and it is very easy to enter with the expectation that you will fall in love with the world and end up doing what everyone does out of inertia. I have seen some Role communities but I think they are quite corseted.

      Immersive animations - The things that I would like to see are things like being able to sit in a chair, being able to have a button to be able to walk when I want, being able to even use the bed. It is clear that there are many options that could be put in and that logically will not be the priority in the game, but the walking system is already implemented, it is simply activated with "160?" weight, but I have no way to choose when I want to walk, it would be as easy as adding a trigger with a button to activate that same way of walking, and it would give us tools to create our stories.

      Books - Being able to put food on the tables for example, being able to generate textbooks for certain players to write their own stories, it could be great to perpetuate the history of the game even the most purchased books, being able to put them in a kind of library inside from the city.

      I know that currently the game is overwhelmed and that there will be a thousand things to attend to, but I would like to serve as a counterpoint to remember that providing players with some tools so that they live and give life to the world, is the only thing I lack in this game , something that makes me feel inside it, that makes me interact with the players beyond seeing what team they have, how many hours they play or how good they are at fighting.

      Thanks for reading and sorry if there is any mistake in the language (Translated by google translate)

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