Tormouth Tavern

  • Zetecua wrote:

    I started looking at the costs yesterday.

    Base plot maintenance is 12k +, City tax is 3k+ in Tormouth. At Tier 3, each table costs at least 480 silver to refine and craft.

    Base residency is 10, but can be increased by increments of 3 with furniture.

    So maybe increase residency to 25 (5 pieces of furniture), some reserved furniture for residents 10 - 15, some reserved furniture for sponsor guilds 5 - 10, and 10 public access tables. With this setup, residency would need to be about 850 - 1000 silver a day ( rough estimate) to ensure a profit.

    Any thoughts?

    How are you gaining income from this? Ability to use tavern as a home?
  • Currently, The costs have been covered for this alpha test for the Tormouth Tavern's plot cost. I have not implemented any monetization methods yet, nor have I had any interest in residency yet. There is interest in the concept, in the public buffs, and in it as a possible Albion Online profession, but none yet on the other fronts.

    On another note, if a tavern is built outside of the town walls, the plot maintenance is half. While the furniture costs will remain, it may make the necessary rates more negotiable. The downside would be its distance from the city square.
  • The Tavern continues to do well. As the building is set to public, I cannot see who has taken up residency (currently 3 of 10). I kinda wish there was a viewable list. I am continuing to replace the Tier 2 tables as they expire, however, replacing them with Tier 3. Currently I am at 14 tables, down 2 from yesterday. With any luck, I will craft a few more on Tuesday.
  • With much help and encouragement, the Tormouth Tavern became a Tier 4 hall just hours ago. I was even able to assemble 2 sets of Tier IV tables and chairs and set inside. Hopefully more Furniture assembly tomorrow.

    I had discussed a cool idea today with a musician (RL), but there is not enough time remaining this test to pull it off. So, possibly in beta, it may be something to investigate have one or more musicians holding a mini-concert in the Tavern (maybe a set or two of music), posting the RL concert stream in local chat, clearing out the tavern tables to make room for an audience, and handing out torches to the audience members (well, as close as we can get to lighters). If we are lucky, we may even be able to get some people to run pyrotechnics. :) Something to look forward to in Beta! :)