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    Zetecua wrote:

    Closest we could get to an inn or tavern right now is if someone setup a guild hall in town, and stocked it with tables, like a mess hall, or mead hall Public access to the building, maybe even the tables / table buffs!

    Honestly, the town square is currently filling that role, but a public access building for waiting parties of adventurers or those wishing to stop for a few minutes would be really nice!

    Well, about 12 hours ago, I took the plunge, purchased a prime piece of real estate below the square in Tormouth, and started building a public hall / tavern. A little more than 3 hours later, the humble public Tier 2 Tormouth Tavern was completed. Over the course a couple of additional hours, 11 public tables were added to the tavern, serving at least 4 meals before I logged off.

    So if you are interested or happen to be in Tormouth, feel free to stop by. I am interested to see if it is used and how it is used. Let me know!

    If anyone wants to be part of the Tormouth Tavern project, also let me know in-game (my ign is also Zetecua)

    As is, alone, progress will be slow. Upkeep on the plot is about 270 T3 mobs per day. Maintaining the tables comes second, and lastly upgrading the Tavern. Right now, getting the Tavern and all of the tables up to Tier 5 before the end of the test will be a good challenge.

    Lastly, right now, the tavern will continue because I want to push for it, but, a serious discussion about how to make running a tavern a profitable profession would be good. If a way can be found, the prospect for additional taverns across Albion will rise.
  • Yesterday in the IRC Albion Chat there was some discussion about possible in-game (silver) monetization methods for a Tavern. So the Tormouth Tavern can technically be residence for up to 10 people. Another possibility I am less favorable toward is setting custom access on specific tables or possible trophies for a sponsoring guild. I understand that between "rent" of residency and "leasing" furniture spots, the tavern may be more financially viable, I am still thinking.
  • Let's talk @Zetecua, I'm totally interested in investing in this. I'm pretty good at getting silver for investment, the question here is how do we make it profitable. Have you gotten much interest in the rent/leasing system? How much hands on work is it to rent tables/residency to individuals? how much time have you personally put into the tavern, minus the time it took to build and get silver to pay for the plot.
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  • Well, I bought the plot and the first 3 days rent by selling my Founders gold. Time invested at Tier 2 is low, as a table is 45 t2 cotton cloth and 45 t2 birch planks. 4 - 5 hours after construction so far for the 14 tables so far. . Rent is about 15.5 k per day. The costs in silver and time will increase as the tier rises, however, I think the tier will need to rise for it to be monetized. I imagine that some tables are in need of repair by now though. The economics will be tough as demand on a public resource will vary.

    Shoot me a message in game and I can add you to the plot.
  • This is such a great idea i have no words really :) !

    Thats exactly what we need. More buildings. This game has such a potential its incredible.

    How about make a tavern building with a tiers to it that would have buffs if you leave your character in it overnight. These buffs would be greater the more tiers the tavern would have... and there would be choices - one per tavern.. for example:

    Travelers tavern - a boost to fame gathering or LP recovery.. just a small ones but enough to make a difference..

    Mages tavern - a boost to magic dmg or mana recovery

    Warriors tavern - same as above but for mele and hp

    Rogues tavern - same concept...

    This would provide a great income for tavern owners and a good night sleep for players, who could sleep knowing they gaining something extra...

    Also from other ideas... separate chat for tavern guests... ability to rent a tavern to make for example a birthday party for a guild mate ...

    Also other buildings possible.. why should auction house be there at all.. give us ability to sell our food on marketplaces with increasing tiers for extra bonuses - farmers could choose to do a wholesale to a trader or sell food themselves.. same goes for any other items.. i mean this are just ideas i dont know if they would work.. cities would have to be much bigger...

    But i can imagine making this far trip to the best tavern in the world to gain some extra buffs before that great pvp battle or dungeon :)

    Two thumbs up!
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  • I started looking at the costs yesterday.

    Base plot maintenance is 12k +, City tax is 3k+ in Tormouth. At Tier 3, each table costs at least 480 silver to refine and craft.

    Base residency is 10, but can be increased by increments of 3 with furniture.

    So maybe increase residency to 25 (5 pieces of furniture), some reserved furniture for residents 10 - 15, some reserved furniture for sponsor guilds 5 - 10, and 10 public access tables. With this setup, residency would need to be about 850 - 1000 silver a day ( rough estimate) to ensure a profit.

    Any thoughts?
  • I would love to see something like an official tavern building.

    I could see the taven keeper selling food and maybe drink for upkeep. A craft of the taven owner could be ale or beer. Some games of chance could be implemented for those that wish to gamble a bit. And of course tables and chairs for buffs.

    I think it would be a huge blast to get something like this in game officially.
    Good luck and Good skill!
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