Frost Staff's underpower ?

  • Frost Staff's underpower ?

    Hello i created this thread to ask you guys for you experience with Frost staff . I was thinking a lot about playing frost staff but at the end i choose bow becouse of huge amount of damage in early game and even more at the end game . When bow can hit aprox. 8k dmg , the frost staff in the same time can deal only 3k of damage .
    What more ?
    1. Blizzard is totaly usuless in pvp cos you need to chanel this
    2. your main cast attack <first spell> deal 3k damage and you need to cast it 2 seconds < maybe it slow's enemy person for 20% but it don't balance with the damage>
    3. Frost staff can't play solo , cant solo farm as bow , sword , or other stuff's.
    4. Frost staff is only like support which is sprinting to the enemy and trying to frost nova them which is not possible when enemy know how to move in fight's and what frost can do.
    5. Beam. TOTALY usuless again . I killed a lot of time person which is staying in one place and beaming one of our guys. In this case it's totaly easy target which can be easly sniped.

    I'm not Huge fan of Wow . but their frostt mage is rly good and i think you can borrow from them some ideas like instant cast after Frost bolt <first main attack didn't remember how it's called>
    Write your ideas and Hope that dev's will do something about it to official start cos i love Frost classes in all games :D
  • I mained frost staff this alpha. I agree the standard nuke, beam, and frost nova didn't really impress me. The damage is meh. However, I find the 3rd spell on the 2h versions are strong.

    Blizzard is basically an area effect laser in that it has to be channeled. I rarely channeled it to completion, but it was okay as a zoning tool or to just drop a snare on running targets.

    Snowstorm is devastating if it hits. Like meteor, it's more of a zoning tool and people have to be blind to be hit by it most times, but when it does hit the dot is massive. Also, soloing with this ability was very strong. I easily solo'd 2 or 3 of the t6 giants at a time with it, gaining 16 for each giant.
  • Sevenless wrote:

    For being "useless" it sure is used to great effect by pvp groups that I see. Not every weapon needs to be soloable, allowing players to specialize to give their group fights an advantage seems perfectly acceptable to me.

    I would agree with this statement if there were not a HUGE LP choke that prevents people from speccing in more than 1 line in the first 6 months of gameplay. For a game being advertised as you are wahat you wear, there should be a disclaimer stating that you must choose your one thing and stay with it....

    Bc of this, every weap MUST have solo utility, or get rid of the LP limit.
  • This weapon isnt the magic version of the bow. That title goes to the Fire Staff and Arcane Staff. The Frost Staff is all about control. With the slows and the aoe that's amazing against zeros and even zoning small groups in choke points like bridges. Having used the frost staff alot this alpha I feel it's in a good place.

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  • I felt that in small path the blizzards come very handy, and a good spell to split or force a group to a side, also good to fallback/escape with so they have to move around.

    And why cant i just throw my hammer like thor and do 1000 damage or swing my axe to split the earth slowing everyone and damage everyone for 400 damage? ;;
  • I think frost staff is quite balanced, it's a 'support' staff, more about control/slows than damage. If I had to change some things tho it would be:
    • 1st spell: reduce casting time to 1.5sec and make the slow by 10% and stack 3 times (30% slow max)
    • frostbeam: give it better slow (about 50% slow) but increase cooldown to 15 seconds
    • remove channeling from blizzard, instead make it 2 second cast or if it has to be channeling increase the spell radius or increase slow
  • I've played frost staff all alpha becsides testing some other on the first couple of tiers.

    I made comments a while back about decreasing Q/frostbolt cast time seriously because as it end up being your only damage, 2 sec is way too slow because the knock-backs from any hit completely screw you and never get anything off. I like the 1.5sec slow stacking idea or my suggestion was just to lower casting time by .1-.2 or fix the speed increase spell. My previous comment was because the 15% increase to casting speed was and still probably is no way working. On the ice storm that equates to 450ms which is easy noticeable but there's no difference and the same goes to the frostbolt which should be at 1.7sec instead of 2. Otherwise you're force to take frost beam which in my opinion sucks some balls at a 9m cast range as well as any hit you take cancels a tick so you're oom immediately from having to spam it. A lot of things seem bad due to crazy low energy cost high dps/cc silence bows running around. Any time something has to rely on high casting time with it being it's only damage it's really worthless in this game; a great reason not a lot of cursed staves running around either since the heal debuff would be great except the damage is low per hit from the spell and you have to stack it up so by the time you cast it twice the person's gone.
    - TREE
  • It seemed like a good CC staff to me. However I do kind of think the Nova root should be available on lower tiers than it is, like in the last alpha. Lower tier players should have access to fundamental CC like this IMHO. In my experience players in the lower frost tiers trying to level it up felt pretty useless wielding it in virtually any PVP situation, and sometimes even PVE situations (unable to root mobs when the group needs to flee in a dungeon for instance).

    I'd say it's pretty good once you hit 2H but below that it seemed pretty trashy.