Strange Vanity Textures Bug

    • Strange Vanity Textures Bug

      When I logged in this morning my character model was super bugged, I thought this might've had something to do with lag (sometimes in laggy cities your character model will swap with other players) so I relogged and was still super wonky. I fast travelled to my guild island only to find that I had become an even more horrifying. I later figured out that the bug was connected to my vanity hats. When testing it with some of my guildmates we realized that other players could also see my contorted / invisible character. Multiple people have tried to recreate this but it seems exclusive to my character, even my alts (connected to the same account) have been unsuccessful in recreating it. I have tried repairing and reinstalling my game but neither has helped, this isn't a serious issue (its vanity after all) but thought I'd share because its pretty funny

      Thanks for reading - dagger