Ore Adit Tunnel Showed 0 Reds with Reds inside!

    • Ore Adit Tunnel Showed 0 Reds with Reds inside!

      I was in the center of the ore adit tunnel. 2 reds popped out of invisibility and ganked me with no reds showing up on counter!

      WTF?! I lost so much. Is this an exploit? After the fight started, I LOOKED AGAIN while getting stunned on my ox and it STILL showed 0 people.

      If you can' t get the "red" count right at the bottom of the screen then don't include one. It's useless.

      I was not lagging. I was not factioned. I was not red. X( Counter said 0 from the time I entered to the time I reached past middle.... to the time 2 reds appear out of nowhere and attack.... to the time I died 10 seconds later. Constant 0 red count.
    • it would really help if you had a video, however there's few things that might've happened.

      -> they flagged red when you entered the tunnel and then invised (takes some time for the number to update)
      -> you forgot you were (faction)flagged (no way to confirm this without video)
      -> i know that someone said a while back that when reds are invisible they do not appear on the counter (would've been nice to check what gear they had on (eg specter shoes+royal cowl for a very long invis)

      would it be possible to give us some more evidence, link the kill maybe?