Patch 13 is Here

    • Patch 13 is Here

      Patch 13, AKA the Rise of Avalon Balance Patch, is now live! This patch brings numerous changes to Avalonian mobs, big meta changes to combat balancing, a long-awaited quality of life improvement, and more.

    • Can you please fix the massive gap between armors. The ridiculous damage modifiers for all cloth are at a minimum 40%-50% (not including stacked passives) is retarded to say the least. it literally makes no other armor viable to play. The game says you ARE WHAT YOU WEAR, so if i want to wear my soldier armor rocking my bow im missing out on nearly double the damage potential forcing players out of any other armor other than cloth, Which I get, it makes you squishy so make all the cloth armor like 20%-30% damage modifiers so that players are forced to use something other than CLOTH. Serious man even TANKS are using CLOTH. im dumbfounded, not to mention CLOTH looks like shit. I love this game man but really cloth need HUGE nerf. Ive looked up many builds and 90% of the builds that include TANKS use nothing but cloth. I cant find a POLEARM, HALIBERD, GREATAXE, MACE, even bog standard BROADSWORD every weapon in the game forces you to use cloth armor if you want any kind of chance. the 3 basic roles. MAGE which should use the CLOTH armor, Range which should the MEDIUM armor, and TANKS which should use the HEAVY armor do. even with the extra defense of heavy armor, that ridiculous damage modifiers negate any chance anyone else has. again forcing players to ONLY use cloth.

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    • I gotta say, after frustratingly losing for about 3 hours in arena, because I can no longer kill anyone with the nature staff, I'm dumbfounded as to how they felt the need to completely ruin the damage potential of the nature staff, when there's at least what, 5 or 6 instant kill builds out there using spears, daggers, swords, and axes? I mean, cool, take away the reflect on thorns, but then also totally nerf the direct damage too?

      I like that they did this to cater to the 1v1 players, because of course, 1v1 instanced dungeons should clearly be the focus in an OPEN WORLD MASSIVELY MULTIPLAYER ONLINE RPG. Forget the fact that some people actually wanted a weapon that could do a few different things halfway decently. Oh, right, "it's a healing weapon, it shouldn't do damage and heal" - so, when you use thorns, you take away the healing function almost entirely; the real problem was the interaction of thorns and Merc Jacket, which would have been alleviated by just removing the reflect.

      I liked using the nature staff because it was so versatile, and I'm a player that doesn't like to just do one thing all the time. Like playing a druid in basically every other game ever, I used to be able to switch up roles a little bit, and it was great. Now it's unbelievably frustrating. I'm incredibly disappointed about this really half-assed patch. There are so many other ways they could have balanced it without completely ruining it, like they did.