can not create account in test server , cant activate, stuck there

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    • can not create account in test server , cant activate, stuck there

      i have normal server account , normally ok
      but in switch to test server
      i cant login
      and try to using another email to create a new account for test server
      , still cant login

      when i sign up this email

      always showing resend active mail

      but never receive that
      no matter what you try , click continue or cancle or resend
      always same no active mail
      and cant login
      but offical web page login shows that already activate

      this problem only show up in test server

      i try to some other email, protonmail, foxmail,
      all doesnt work

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    • The Test Server player database is not updated/synced with the Live database on a very regular basis. If you are trying to connect with a new account, or using a device that wasn't verified at the time of the last database sync from Live, then you will be unable to connect to the Test Server.

      Also please note, the Test Server does not send out verification emails, so it's not possible to have a new account or device verified from there.

      The only thing you can do is wait for the Live database to be synced over. There is no set schedule for this to happen, and it can sometimes take weeks/months. Currently it's not been synced since the last week of April.
    • I also have this Issue, Been trying for a month now. I do get that it's not synced within weeks/months but I hope Devs do understand that having a place to test gives an edge to other players and if it's not given to some is just plain unfair.
      I'm a paying User which I think is enough reason to demand assistance for a feature that is known to not be working.