Duel Scammers are salty

    • Duel Scammers are salty

      I was pretty surprised by the results from this. So I was minding my own business when I saw a guy spamming to duel him for silver. I clearly knew he was scamming so I came to him and spammed that I want to fight him to a point that he got salty because I kept declining all his scammy invites. Then he just went back in the market hurdle hoping I would leave, but I never left XD. I just keep tailing him and kept spamming and taunting him to the point he moved to another city. I of course followed him cause I really had nothing better to do. So I kept doing it then he said reported me which I was like "you scam everybody for silver and you can't handle one guy???". However, I never stopped and kept doing it until he just logged off.