Dev Talk: Call to Arms Introduction

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    • The_Support_God wrote:

      very good update but i think the team should focus on blackzone content next. risk vs reward of blackzone is no longer worth it and this is bad for the game.

      having content that can be as profitable as blackzone is a good idea when executed well but

      blackzone should have a reason to exist as the highest risk vs highest reward area

      and you can fix
      1. this by increasing the loot in blackzone dungeons (fixing blackzone chests to never give out empty chests)
      2. fixing the exp of blackzone dungeons cause at the moment corrupted dungeons give out more exp then them and are easily accessible. naturaly spawning T8 and T7 dungeons should be worth more then corrupted dungeons unless the player has tons of infamy aka more than 3 mil ++
      3. increasing rarity of raw materials nearer to the center while reducing the rarity in royals cause the rarity of materials in royals is sometimes better then most low tier black zones
      4. increase resource return rate of crafting nearer to the center
      5. more open world content that are worth the risk such as revamping outlands chests, static dungeons and sculptures of magic
      you can read more on this from my expansion ideas. link below. i hope it gives you some inspiration
      but anyways good Job on your call to arms update


      Thanks for your feedback on this!

      As mentioned in our Year-End Update Dev Talk, one of our goals is also to improve open world locations such as static dungeons and treasures, among many others.

      So sit tight as this year has only just begun :)

      - Mytherceria