Hello there.

    • Hello there.

      With Albion Online standing a jolly good chance of becoming my new favourite evening pastime, I think it's time to double up on the fun... and introduce myself to the community.

      I am Loucipher, hailing from the Ninth Ring of Hell, conveniently located somewhere under the big landmass called Central Europe :) Exactly how I got from there to the Royal Continent shall remain a mystery for now, but since I'm here, why not wreak some havoc - first on the Continent itself, and later on even overseas, on that other patch of land, the one that folks here call the Outlands ;)

      But all in due time, obviously. For now, let's mix and mingle with all others who made it ashore :) Looking forward to make some interesting acquaintances :)
      Vexilla regis prodeunt inferni...
    • Hello and welcome to the forums!! Albion is a super cool game and i hope your enjoying it. If you ever need any help or want a adventuring mate to run dungeons with i would be glad to help. You can contact me here or on discord under Quicksilver88#7020 if you need anything. Also youtube has a bunch of videos for people that are new to albion that are super helpful, plus there are also guides here on the forums for new players to. And may the odds ever be in your favor!!


      i would advise to get discord if you don't already have it
      another great way to interact with the albion community.
    • Hello again, and many thanks for everyone who replied :) I could not possibly hope for a better welcoming committee :)

      Looking forward to seeing you all both in the forums and in the game, sharing adventures, stories and loot :)

      If you ever want to find my character in-game, look for one not-so-shady individual called RaoulinTheSwift :) Freshly knighted (thanks to his generous donation to the Royal coffers, but shhh... let's keep it secret for now ;) ) and well-equipped for the road, he braves the Royal Continent far and wide, unfazed by dangers big and small, always ready to lend a helping hand to a traveller in need. He might still be somewhat wet-behind-the-ears at times, mind you, but he is eager to learn and develop his skill, to benefit himself and the team in whatever way he might. His most coveted ambition is to become a true Jack of All Trades and a Master of One.

      Now for a few words specifically to each of you :)

      @Quicksilver88 - thanks for the info about Youtube videos (I already saw a bunch of them, and keep looking for more) and the invitation :) Who knows, we might run into each other one day, and Raoulin shall be glad to fight alongside you :) Fair winds to you as well, and see you on the trails of Albion! P.S. I don't have Discord yet - I tend not to get too vocal when playing games, as it might disturb other people I live with. Still, an option for the future perhaps :)

      @Bieve - thanks for the tip ;) I don't consider myself fit for Outland service as of now, but since the most juicy action takes place there I am bound to end up there eventually. For now, I shall gladly hone my skills on the local dangers, be it a Heretic encampment, a coven of Morgana's disciples or an ancient burial site crawling with restless undead. And did I mention that Raoulin is a hunter at heart? You can find a few pelts on him more often than not :)

      @SHARKY - much respect to you for this excellent rocking welcome :) Just to continue a bit further on that note:

      Just as every cop is a criminal
      And all the sinners saints
      As heads is tails
      Just call me @Loucipher
      'Cause I'm in need of some restraint

      Rock on, mate :) May the guitars always sing their sweet song to your heart's content :)

      @Gilborath - thanks for the welcome, and I wish the same to you :)

      @dinogamer14miku - thanks for the welcome ;) I sure will keep an eye out for them gankers. Shady lot, if you ask me :) Too bad the Royals don't post bounties on their heads or something :) Might try and hunt a few of them ne'er-do-wells, just to give'em a taste of their own medicine :) All in due time, I guess, for now I'll just stay out of harm's way :)

      Summing up, thank you very much for your warm welcome, one and all, and see you in the forums and in the game :)
      Vexilla regis prodeunt inferni...