What's new for this test? Have a look!

    • What's new for this test? Have a look!

      Hey all, it's changelog time! We promised you a little while ago that we would update you with what we've added and changed for this build, and as a lot of things are to do with the aesthetic of the game, we thought it'd be best to show you in a video, so voila! Enjoy, and let us know what you think of the changes we've made (and please excuse the croaky chest infection voice). A more thorough list of all changes made can be seen below the video if you'd like to read through. We hope to see some of you testing all of these new features out on Monday! :thumbsup:

      Changelog for Version 1.0.112

      New Features:
      • added character customization - you can now select skin color, hair color, beards and hair styles
      • added female characters
      • added guild emblems - you can now design an emblem for your guild and it will appear on your shield and coat!
      • added real estates - you can now rent a piece of land for your character and build your house there. You can even buy a fence!
      • added furniture and other decorative items - you can now craft furniture to place in your house and lots of other items to place outside. Some items for your house may give you bonuses or new abilities!
      • added a recall ability that allows you to teleport back to your house if you have a certain item in your house
      • new transmutator building allows to create resource from lower-tier resources
      • you can now upgrade buildings to the next higher building tier (as long as the higher tier does not need more space)
      • you can now buy new skins for your house
      • weapon tiers are now named, not just numbered
      • added an in-game mail system - you can now write letters to other players or guilds
      • added a guild finder
      • added a feature that allows guilds to recruit new players and players to find suitable guilds
      • added a market place - the market place building in the city allows you to trade with other players.
      • your own player houses are now shown on the mini map
      • your own corpse is now shown on the mini map
      • other players corpses are not shown on the mini map in safe zones
      • Victim's Resolve - a player being attacked by more than three players within a short timeframe will receive an armor bonus proportional to the size of the attacking group
      • Healing Sickness - a player being healed by more than three healers within a short timeframe will receive a healing penalty, i.e. healing is not as effective any more
      • new monsters: boar and dire boar
      • many monsters have received special abilities
      • there is now an option to recover your password if you have forgotten it
      • MacOS and Linux versions now have a launcher with auto-update functionality just like the windows version
      • guild tax is now manually adjustable from 0% to 100%
      • added some new NPC animations (in the market)

      • most formulas in the game have received a makeover
      • the destiny board has been redesigned
      • you now receive a speed buff when respawning or entering a new area
      • after entering a new area you cannot leave it again in the first few seconds
      • the only way to tear down a building now is using a siege hammer; this is true even for your own buildings. If you own a building you can allow or disallow others to tear it down.
      • harvesting gems now requires the new gem hammer tool. harvesting stone now requires the new stone hammer tool.
      • items that you discarded a short time before your death will still appear as loot on your dead body

    • I'm curious to see how big the effects of household items will have (eg: the magic stand boosting magical abilities.)

      I'm not sure I fancy the flag-planting anywhere in the world. Can a single player plant just a single flag? (I'm assuming that would be the case to avoid spamming but I figure I'd ask.)

      I like the storage containers idea but I would prefer to see a "timer lock" on those (akin to Darkfall's player crafted safes.) Perhaps anything you place in the chest could be safe for 15 or 30 minutes. The one thing I wouldn't add is a notification that the timer was nearing its completion. That way the player's work is safe-ish yet they still have to pay attention in order to prevent missing their timer and having the chest lid pop open for anyone who stumbles upon it.

      Just a couple of initial thoughts. Obviously I might change my mind should I get a key and actually test the additions. :)

      My referral code...feel free to use it :)
    • VirtualKing schrieb:

      Wow the game looks beatiful! :D Don't allow guild flag spam though. 1 for player it's fine.

      Endless Agony schrieb:

      I'm not sure I fancy the flag-planting anywhere in the world. Can a single player plant just a single flag? (I'm assuming that would be the case to avoid spamming but I figure I'd ask.)

      Crafting and placing guild flags will cost a good bit of silver, so spamming shouldn't be an issue.
    • This looks great, Yasmin. The team have been hard at work since last test, many new changes, I like. :)
      In game mail system, and guild finder are great additions. As well the guild emblem system for our shields and capes looks very good too.

      Question about placing structures, last test you could place a structure anywhere in a sandy area, have these been removed? Now every space is rentable?

      These new containers we can build anywhere in the world, say while mining, are they secure? Only myself and those I give permission can open?

      As stated by others, the flag should be 1 per character, otherwise we may seem massive spam from a few select players.
    • Szagi schrieb:

      There was guild named "Putin"? :O

      Ah yes, that's an unfortunate outcome of our randomiser. If we need guild names for videos or screenshots we sometimes make them up ourselves for videos (Emberdawn, for instance, was one of those), some we find in pre-generated lists, others we use a randomiser for. The randomiser just uses the top 10 things 'trending' on Twitter at the time, and plonks them in. Putin was obviously trending a lot that day...

      Scare schrieb:

      is in the future able to upload your own guild emblem?

      Nope, way too complicated. Rest assured, though, there will be enough variety for guilds to feel like they have something which truly represents them :D