Single target Q on crossbows - too strong.

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      no because xbow with or without lag is the same ... and don't insult me when you can use your brain , i still wait where xbow is OP in any content and give me more exemple of so skilled weapon. Thx.
      Check the GvG and HG meta for the last 3 years.
      xbow is A tiers in GvG not S like before since lightxbow nerf
      The very """nerf""" that made it uncleanseable and removed the explosion timer from the buff list?Also the very """nerf""" that literally made it the most braindead skill to use?
      • Target lock (11m range)
      • Uncleanseable
      • Unreflectable
      • Instant cast
      • Can only be evaded with I-frames or partially mitigated with resistance stacking
      • Literally cant see it in the buff list
      "Just press E for damage: the skill" is too much of an upside to consider a 10% damage reduction a proper nerf.

      Explosive shot is not an issue on its own, but Q1 and W1 being target-lock long range skills dont help at all.
      Silence shot has a ludicrous hitbox and projectile speed (Not an issue in 5v5, because a teammate can simply bodyblock it, 1v1 is a disaster tho)
      Caltrops are also a disaster in 1v1 due to your ability to stack them in confined spaces forcing your enemy to take damage on an engage.

      After all its not the analysis of one isolated skill that matters, its the whole weapon kit that makes up the face of its line, and currently its synonymous to "braindead spam".

      correct - and extremely obvious. Mind blowing it to s not fixed
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      correct - and extremely obvious. Mind blowing it to s not fixed
      Yes! It is correct. But SBI is to busy. They are improving grass to make it move.

      Crossbow player:
      Positioning? Non-target pre-emptive shooting? Hit and run skills?
      I'm a stupid monkey, but I have a crossbow!
      I don't need to understand, what those unclear words mean.

      Hmm... looks like we need some cape, allow crossbows to use that Q three times without CD.


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