Plate in Corrupted Dungeons needs to be removed from CD or penalised in CD.

    • Plate in Corrupted Dungeons needs to be removed from CD or penalised in CD.

      Everyone who plays CD at T8 knows the issue : Plates - Knight armor and armor of valor .

      Armors should be somewhat balanced. Yet, if cloth meets plate, cloth dies. Cloth can´t one shot plate, while plate can one shot cloth - that says a lot.

      And i understand that if cloth could one shot plate, zvz just wouldn´t work.
      So i guess there is no other way than to either ban plate armor from CD ( along with gathering gear preferably), or rework plate to work differently in CD.

      Otherwise, meta will be all plate cheese builds like tombhammers, 1H frost with armor of valor, bloodletter with armor of valor and so on.
      Builds like that are impossible to one shot. And if they are losing or are on low health, they can simply run away and there is nothing you can do to finish them off. They will keep running around waiting for their guardian helm and healing pot till they are full on health and then situation repeats.
      That results in prolonged fights that are anything but fun. And even then, once one decides to run at low health, there is no way to finish him off.

      My funniest encounter was against 1H frost with armor of valor. With my build, i deal rather alright damage. He was using single target Q ( the Q with lower damage), yet ... he outdamaged me with plate despite there being only like 100 IP difference. He outdamaged me hard, and i was playing with leather. Like what is that ? He could literally just spam Q and do nothing and i would still die. But if he was using leather or cloth, he would have died. But for some reason, i can´t kill the plate.

      Plates either need to be removed from CD, or be given some penalty in CD.

      Because you can´t have 100% mobility and 100% tankiness and still have ability to one shot people, or murder them hard. That´s a big, big, big problem.

      It´s like the meme quote " immovable object vs unstoppable force " ---- well, here plates are immovable object and also unstoppable force :D It´s no suprise top 100 are all plates. Because playing anything other than that is not rewarding or better for winning than plates are.
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    • im on that too, i had the post of the "plate and demon cape" open currently. But i think the big problem is or the damage + stun/cc option that a plate player had. With the change of guardian helmet that meta will be very fucked. They will play more like a quarterstaff; mobs, push ability, and that...

      We had to check the new meta without guardian helmet first i think.

      Anyway i think frost need a nerf too on Q; single target Q should not slow 25% anymore. Not even closer to 20%. And the ranged Q (circle one) should be a less tinier because with pasive on speedcast literaly u can't avoid it walking to sides
    • I just hate all reflect abilities... Nothing Throws a game off more than stuff that can reflect damage, Regardless of plate, leather or cloth or even weapon- reflect sucks and is just asking for players to exploit it. (Reflect + Healing = Dumb Dumb Meta Builds)

      I think the change to Guardian helm is fine I use it and well still use it because I have always used it like a damage shield any how, the only people sad about its change are rats and I think most of us hate them anyhow. (I hope we get a better graphic to help show when the reworked skill is active)

      The only way CD's well ever come close to balancing is if the Dev's put Tier caps as well as hard IP cap on the CD's. The fact is some player in T4-T5 should never be matched to a player that is decked out in T8.3 and this happen all the time in CD's and Arena. the soft IP caps do nothing to help this type of thing. The Over flow in IP can still lead to 50-300 or possibly more of a IP gap.
    • Mrpotato wrote:

      ban plate from CD? Dont you think thata a bit too much and you would be removing literally a third of the items in CD?

      Just give a damage penaly if you are wearing more than 1 plate piece and reduce CC or something like that

      Yeah gathering should be banned from CD, arenas and HG
      Actually no. Nobody plays demon armor, judicator armor, or guardian armor in CD. Very, very few people might play soldier armor, but that´s it.

      There are two armors that are played in CD - Two. That´s not 3rd of the items. 1) Knight armor ( which nobody likes and everyone wants to get it nerfed ), and 2) armor of valor (which i dont like, because it reflects my bleeds and makes me silenced for 6 seconds without any skill).

      So that´s two items. It´s not fun to play against them, and they are way too strong.

      And damage penalty if you are wearing more than 1 plate piece ? That´s pointless, because it´s all about chest piece.

      Plates are just too strong. On the other hand, cloths are so bad you barely ever see that in CD. Plate kills cloth, but cloth does not kill plate.
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