The Sometimes-Interesting Adventures of Tesni, Desert Wanderer

    • The Sometimes-Interesting Adventures of Tesni, Desert Wanderer

      The Bloodletter

      Well. This was quite the look.

      I'd sold everything on me so I could afford an Adept's Bloodletter. That included my clothes, so of course I was walking around naked in Bridgewatch and trying not to look embarrassed about it. I was no humble beggar. I would not kiss someone's feet in search of precious coins.

      And I'd hoped to make that apparent to everyone around me by equipping my very impressive bloodletter. I hoped it would say I will not sink so low as to beg. Yes, I'm naked, but that doesn't mean you can cross me. Carry on, you lascivious leeches.

      The sword shimmered with its strange magic, the red energy thrumming along its blade, and I could feel the warmth of it in my hand. It gave me a sense of protection—even as I walked through the sweltering desert town in my underwear.

      It would offer me some defense, at least (against judgers, hustlers, and brawlers alike).

      So I steeled myself and walked (because I'd sold my horse, too, in my infinite wisdom) out into the wild. And I began to gather more resources so I could finally get money and then get some actual armor.

      But I'd need to buy my horse back first.

      Selling my mount was not a mistake I'd ever make again.

      But I had my beautiful weapon, and I had earned it through hard work and difficult sacrifices. That by itself was enough for me.
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    • GreedyChick wrote:

      I would be happy to purchase a pair of shoes for you, and some clothing, as long as you do not mind that my silver is mostly ill-gotten.
      I couldn't care less where the silver comes from ;)

      And I'm not in need of clothes right now, actually; this story took place maybe last week or so, and I've saved up and bought armor since then.
      But hey, maybe I could get some silver for a Cryptcandle...?
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    • The Dungeon Mishap

      It had been a week since the Bridgewatch Nudity Dilemma, and I now roamed a Keeper dungeon in search of easy silver. The savage part of me also wanted monsters to fight, enemies to kill. I had levelled up, and now I owned an Expert's Bloodletter. The blade was thirsty for blood, and I wouldn't be one to deny its wish.

      I may have perhaps been too arrogant. I went in and slashed my way through foe after foe, taking some down in merely three hits, so I felt strong.... Almost godlike.

      God complexes are never good in dungeons. Or anywhere else, really.

      About halfway through the dungeon, I was jumped by two Keepers. I didn't know their names or ranks; all I knew was that they were both very powerful. One of them, a large woman at least twice my height, hardly moved at all but instead cast a golden aura around herself. I didn't know if it hurt me or healed her, but I knew enough to keep well away from it.

      They'd knocked me out at least three times, but I got right back up and kept fighting.
      Hit them.... Take three hits.... Fall down.
      Wait fifteen seconds.... Get up.... Repeat.

      I wondered if it had something to do with my armor because I knew it couldn't be my weapon. I escaped my attackers for a few minutes to check the spells on all my equipment.

      I quickly found the problem; my Hellion jacket, black as the hellish void from which it surely came, was not at its full potential. I had a healing spell equipped where I could have had the Life Steal Aura. I remedied this oversight and jumped headlong into another round of fighting.

      This fight lasted less than a minute. Once I got down to a quarter of my usual health, I casted the dark spell and waited for its effect.

      And the effect was immediate. In one slash of my sword, both enemies crumpled to the ground, leaving small piles of silver for me to take. I pocketed the money and marveled at the lifeless bodies before me, watching the dark red aura fade into the cavern's darkness.

      Once I recovered from the shock, I wiped sweat off my brow, brushed my deep red hair out of my face. I laughed breathlessly, my head light and euphoric.

      I continued through the dungeon. The Life Steal Aura was definitely an improvement.

      And then I reached the Earthkeeper Sage and could not defeat him. The closest I got was taking him down to a quarter of his health.

      So I left a defeated woman, but my heart told me I was still victorious this day.

      Learning from failure is much more valuable than winning with ease.
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    • Black Zone Blunders

      After several long days of laboring (i.e., gathering literal tons of rough wood from my island and selling it at affordable prices in the Bridgewatch market), I could finally purchase an Adept's Cryptcandle.

      Because my insatiable desire for the highest-possible-tier equipment had no end, obviously.

      With the transaction complete, I had... 204 silver coins left. Total.

      It was perfect.

      With my lantern in hand and my sword at my belt, I made my way to the Bridgewatch bank vault.

      Time to strip, of course. I wouldn't want clothes where I was going.

      (I have your attention now, yeah? Yeeaaaahh—)

      All I had was a dagger, and I'd only bought that to deplete the rest of my silver. I'd been saving it for this day.

      I strolled out of the vault—I'd forgotten how slow walking on foot was—and made my way to the Conqueror's Hall.

      I took a moment to gaze out over the landscape, over the heat-hazed sand and dry brush, the orange cliffs set against the bright blue sky. Not a cloud to be seen, and it was dry and hot and deadly... and astonishingly beautiful.

      This place would always be my home. The journey here had been a long one. I'd traveled through many lands, many cities, and I still had yet to see them all, but this place.... This place was where my hunter's spirit found peace. Where restless wanderers encountered excitement at every turn.

      But there was another place—another land to the north. A land even more lawless.

      And as much as I romanticized the life of the rogue, I was far from a true brawler, and I knew that. The voice of reason, the voice that pushed me through countless hours of gathering, selling, buying, gathering, selling, buying.... That voice told me to leave my belongings behind.

      So I did.

      Steeling myself, I ventured into the Conqueror's Hall with only a shining trinket that could hardly call itself a dagger.

      I walked up to the portal. A crowd had gathered, and in that crowd I glimpsed a familiar face dressed in full armor.

      "Hey, hun." She was smiling. She looked me up and down, and her smile changed in a way I couldn't entirely read.


      "You're going in with just a dagger?"

      I cracked a grin. "Yeah. I mean—" I gestured into the portal's glow. "—I left all my stuff in my vault because I know I'm just gonna get shanked out there."

      "Ah." She chuckled, her smile returning full-force. "You're cute."

      ....Yeah, I would stick out like a sore thumb, wouldn't I?

      Duh. Of course I would. Not that I cared much by now.

      So I stepped through the portal and didn't look back.

      — — —

      I could hardly believe what I saw—mostly because it didn't look any different from the steppe back home.

      I wandered around for a bit, searching for a footpath, and I met a cougar along the way. Naturally.

      And of course it knocked me out, given that I had no armor and was fumbling hopelessly with a weapon that I hadn't used in a long time.

      Black Zone - 1.
      Tesni - 0.

      Cursing, I staggered to my feet again and pushed onward.

      I was close to the footpath when I spied a creature I'd never seen before. It looked like a more-flamboyant Moabird.

      The thought that this is the Outlands, so just assume everything's trying to kill you, you absolute dolt had barely entered my mind before the not-Moabird was attacking me.

      Black Zone - 2.
      Tesni - 0.

      Maybe I should have, I don't know, bought actual armor before coming out here.

      Ah, well. You win some, you lose... all.

      But I pressed on. I went into the next zone, resolving to keep to the footpath this time.

      Surprisingly, I hadn't met a single other human being during the whole trek. Wasn't this the land of guild warfare? I thought there would have been more... guilds. And warfare.

      This was boring.

      But soon enough, someone rode by on his horse—and I could tell he was staring at me.

      A few yards ahead of me, he slowed up and turned to face me on his mount.

      Maybe this would get interesting.

      Ah.... Nope.

      He graced me with only a snide laugh, and I couldn't exactly fault him for it.

      After another minute or so of running around aimlessly, I decided to sit down right in the middle of the path because I was finally bored to death.

      Maybe someone would come along and kill me for easy money. That would at least be mildly interesting.

      And it had almost actually happened, too. Three riders came by and circled me, sizing me up from atop their horses, and I couldn't see their faces beneath their helmets.

      I only sat and waited for their move.

      ....And then they left without so much as an "XD."

      Black Zone - 3.
      Tesni - 0.

      I groaned.

      — — —

      Night was falling over the desert as I made my way back to Bridgewatch, and the wind carried a dry chill.

      I welcomed the cold. It spurred me faster toward home.

      I couldn't say that this journey was completely useless. I had learned that I would need three things for my next expedition:

      1) Armor. (Duh.)
      2) A mount. (Double-duh.)
      3) A purpose. (Wow, who'd've thunk it?)

      I'd need an actual reason to enter the Black Zone. Could be silver, could be hides, could just be a scouting run.

      Anything but "just wandering around for the hell of it."

      Ah, well. You win some, you lose some.

      — — —

      I sat on the stoop of one of the inns back in Bridgewatch, clad once again in full armor. Even in this darkest hour of night, the plaza was still thrumming with activity.

      I stared down at the row of skeletons before me, entranced by its macabre beauty and strangeness.

      Human centipede. Nice.

      The night was young,
      And so was I,
      But all I wanted
      Was some good shut-eye.

      So back to the island I went.
      For the Drifters

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    • Adventures of Lumi—Part I

      My new Swiftclaw was beautiful, and I told her so. Silvery-white fur, glowing blue eyes. Even her hide, marred as it was by scars, gave her a dangerous sort of beauty—a warrior's beauty. This was a majestic beast who could fend for herself.

      I named her Lumi—a Finnish name for snow.

      Bridgewatch was a hot, dry place—which was almost the exact opposite of the frigid, icy lands that Lumi was so accustomed to. After every scouting run or dungeon expedition, she was panting, but she never once whined to lie down. Her strong legs never once faltered, and my heart swelled with pride at that—even though I knew just how much she suffered to endure the heat.

      So I decided, one sweltering day, to travel with her to the mountains—the white winter lands. I wanted to give her the rest she deserved, and I myself wanted to travel the world after having stayed near one city for so long.

      I gathered the supplies I would need—Food, tools, weapons, armor. A newer, lighter saddle for Lumi, who would otherwise overheat under the combined weight of both rider and saddle.

      I gave her some raw moabird I'd caught the day before, and she tore into it with relish. I smiled and scratched behind her ears, and she purred appreciatively.

      "You ready, girl?" I murmured. She nuzzled my shoulder in answer, and I grinned. "We're gonna take you home."

      Her nuzzling and whuffling almost knocked me over, which I assumed meant she was very happy.

      I jumped up into her saddle, and together we rode off through the desert toward our first stop: Lymhurst.

      — — —

      I stopped counting the hours after the sun hit its highest point in the sky. I turned my attention to Lumi, and as soon as her breathing started growing ragged, I pulled off the road toward a small inn with a water tower behind it. On the porch, I found a wooden bucket, and I filled it with water and set it down for Lumi to drink.

      She finished in less than a minute, coming over to nuzzle me for more, so I got up to refill the bucket. So it went for about half an hour, and I rested on the ground in the meantime.

      Once she'd drank her fill, I rounded to the front of the inn and set the bucket down again, making sure to leave a few silver coins in it as payment. We set off once more, Lumi's muscles shifting with renewed strength.

      — — —

      We were almost at Ferndell; I could smell the fresh green scent of vegetation, and in the distance I saw a sandblock fort with Lymhurst flags flying proudly overhead.

      A faction outpost. I thought I could hear the clanging of battle swords against plated armor, and I slowed for a moment to listen to the scuffle. It had never once occurred to me that Lumi and I would run into faction warfare on our trip, but it was obvious in restrospect.

      Eventually, Lumi growled impatiently. Let's get moving already, she insisted, and I obliged.

      "We're almost there," I reassured her as we set off.

      — — —

      The air was muggy in Ferndell. The scent of grass, trees, mud, and rain filled the air, almost stifling. Thankfully, though, it was nowhere near as hot as the desert.

      Lumi paused every few minutes to sniff at her surroundings, and I let her. She'd never experienced a forest, after all, and this trip was for her more than me.

      The sky darkened as we made our way through the forest. We came to a land bridge over a river, and I stopped briefly and considered making camp for the night. Who knew what creatures roamed these woods in the dark?

      But it was that same thought that pushed me onward. It was better to be a moving target, after all, than a sitting duck. Movement meant progress.

      We met few creatures along the way. I suspected they were afraid of Lumi, and I didn't blame them. In fact, I silently thanked them for clearing our path.

      — — —

      The first stars were beginning to shimmer in the skies above by the time Lumi and I reached Lymhurst. Fatigue turned everything foggy, but Lumi's eyes were bright and alert as ever as she surveyed her strange new surroundings.

      We made our way to a shabby inn at the plaza, and I took Lumi to a shed out back, making sure she was comfortable before I went in and paid for a room.

      The innkeeper didn't try to hide her staring. Her eyes roamed over me, taking in everything from my demonic armor to my shimmering sword, my tan skin to my dark red hair.

      "You're right tan for a ginger lass," she said, a soft smile on her lips.

      I dropped some coin on the table. "I suppose I am."

      "Hmph." She took the silver and set in in a chest beneath the counter, still staring. Not with revulsion; she looked fascinated.

      "Are ye... mixed?" she finally asked quietly.

      When my eyes met hers, she looked almost contrite. Nervous.


      "Ah, I didn't mean...." The woman's fingers went to the ruffles of her shirt collar, fidgeting. "I didn't mean any offense." Her eyes met mine again, bright and ice-blue. "I only meant.... Well, ye look part Keeper is all. I suppose."

      My eyebrows went up a little at that. Keeper.

      "And your cat." She gestured toward the side wall, indicating the shed. "A miststalker. Keeper swiftclaws, the lot of them."

      Ah. That made sense. I smiled a little, and the tension coiled in her body seemed to loosen by a fraction.

      "I don't know much about my lineage," I said to her, "but my mother hailed from Creag Morr. Or so she told me."

      "Ach, that frozen land?" The innkeeper's eyes widened, but her smile returned. "Ye must be descendant of true warriors!"

      I chuckled. "I don't know. I know nothing of my father." I turned my gaze to the map of Albion on the wall behind the counter. "He could very well have been a Keeper. My mother never spoke of him."

      "I see." The woman looked me over once more. "Well. Keeper or not, you're welcome to lay your head here." Her smile was genuine. "You look right exhausted."

      The fatigue rolled over me like a crashing wave at her reminder, and I returned a tired smile. "Yes, Madam. Thank you for your kindness."

      She nodded. I turned and started down the hall toward my room, the lamplights casting flickering shadows over the walls. I silently thanked the stars for a decent bed to sleep in.
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    • I'm back!! I know it's been a while (not that anyone's counting days, I guess... lol).

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      Bumping the crap out of this a+ Albion diary
      Thanks!! It's been really fun writing it. :D

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      I enjoiz it.
      Glad you're enjoizing it!

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      Hei, onko täällä suomalaisia? Vilikaseppa mun allekirjoitus, luulen että saatat löytää lisää matkakumppaneita seikkailuille Albionissa :thumbup: <3
      I'm actually not Finnish; I just chose that name because I'm a name nerd, and I thought Lumi was a fitting name!
      I'm glad you like my thread!
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