[IAAAI] Latency 길드원 모집

    • [IAAAI] Latency 길드원 모집

      [IAAAI] Latency are recruiting!! | [OCE/SEA] | Bridgewatch Based

      Who is Latency?
      Come join the largest Australian-origin guild for newer and veteran players who want to enjoy large scale PvP, GvG and ZvZ content.
      Our community is active throughout the day, with peak times between 5 to 16 UTC server time.
      We would love for more Oceanic/South East Asian players to join or if your playtimes coincide with us!

      Why join?
      Non-toxic guild with no tolerance for unnecessary drama.
      Generous re-gearing system for all ZvZ and CTA content you run with alliance!

      Who are we after?
      Non-toxic active people who are looking to PvP, GvG and ZvZ with inclusive, like-minded players.
      We welcome newer players looking to fame up PvE to get ZvZ-ready.
      We value team players with positive attitudes, and the capacity to learn or teach in a respectful manner.
      Players that are actively interested or participating in ZvZ, as well as crystal league players.
      Wait, there’s more! We also recruit gatherers and people interested in the economic playstyle and like to be part of a bigger community.

      호주 길드인 Latency에서 길드원 모집 중 입니다. (브릿지워치)
      설명 :
      - 3utc - 18utc 게임 시간 대, CTA는 매일 9utc, 15utc, 18utc (시간대 잘맞음)
      - CTA는 not Madatory(필참 아님)
      - ZvZ가 주력 컨텐츠, 배우고 참여할 의향이 있어야합니다.
      - 다국적 길드 한국인 환영합니다.
      - 영어는 이해하기만 해도 OK
      - 부계정 가입 불가합니다.

      + 아발 7티 은신처, 연합내 블랙존 은신처 다수(BZ)
      + CTA 리기어 있습니다.
      문의 :
      HealthFairy26#4188 (운영진 아님)
      + 인게임(Healthfairy26) 친추 혹은 댓글도 가능합니다.