New to the game..from 2014 :)

    • New to the game..from 2014 :)

      I've finally, yes finally, decided to get into this game...after years of WoW, and after being interested in this title since December 2014 (I found my registration email with this date 27-12-2014).
      I'm completely new to the game and I want to dive into it, I'm willing to find a Guild and grow as fast as possible.
      I'm both PvE and PvP oriented, that said I'm looking for a well made guide for newcomers, does anyone have any direction to give me?
    • Welcome back into the world of albion MrZ2301! So much has changed since 2014 i'll tell you that! Lets see here, one video i would recommend for you to watch is "TOP 5 Builds for New Players in Albion Online - PvP/PvE In-Depth New Player Guide 2021" by FlaccidBaron. I'm not sure how experienced you are with the weapons or where you are in the game at this point but i think this video will give you a good idea on at least what weapon you may want to focus on. If you want some more videos after this i have a discord if you would like it talk about those some more. its in my profile description. Also! its up to you but Im in a guild called Greenwoods. Its a guild thats technically UK based but there's friendly folks from all over. its small but they have a discord as well with information on guides and ganking builds if your interested in that as well. Once more welcome back into the game and i hope you enjoy it!
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    • Hey MrZ2301! I'm new as well but thought I could do some welcoming. Youtube is a good source if you like any of the content creators. I actually found Oxidize to be pretty entertaining and informative, as long as you don't mind the silly meat head-ness about him. My one piece of advice would be to not be afraid to experiment at the beginning. It's actually incredibly easy to get various skills to Tier IV (where they start branching into specializations) and early crafting/gathering can fund -most- builds you might want to try. There's some specific weapon/armor specializations that even at Tier IV are crazy expensive but most stuff you can get away with 5-10k or less per piece. The little glowy rock dungeons are a decent source of fun/money as well. Oh! And the wiki is a really good source of information. ^^