Looking for Chinese/English guild

    • Looking for Chinese/English guild


      My name is Larry AKA ActionCompassion Fachh and LarryLi in the game.

      I have 400/400 in nature/holy

      I have 400/400 in axe on Fachh and mdps specs

      I have 350/400 in tank shit on LarryLi

      I have about 300mil in silver I can use to help the guild with events and giveaways.

      I have GVG and ZVZ leadership experience and have owned as many as 15 territories during the times when we fought 5v5 for GVG land.

      I used to lead a guild called McD0nalds. Now I wanna join a Chinese/English guild to have some fun and beef up my mandarin skills :)

      I play about 2 hours at EU prime time and 2 hours at NA prime time typically. Just returning to the game after a long hiatus.

      Thanks for reading.

      Please tell me your discord so we can chat.
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