Why you gankers kill people

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    • People gank in this game because it makes them feel.

      It is part of the game the mobs used to execute although due too going to one server has reduced the optimization and lag of the game imagine SBI having to give back gears due too mobs executing due lag.
      Ganking requires little skill just enough people with the right set up.

      Ganking is for sad people that want to feel.


    • Professor_Chad wrote:

      Well, you failed the IQ test, Curse, because you failed to detect that I was trolling. I am a ganker.
      I see what you did there.

      Lightsoul wrote:

      Professor_Chad wrote:

      Well, you failed the IQ test, Curse, because you failed to detect that I was trolling. I am a ganker.
      I never thought I would actually use this picture.

      I literally went straight to get this image but then realised upon posting it that you'd already done that for me. This is the first thing I thought of when he wrote that reply lmao.

      Professor_Chad and ISTILLLOVEU really need to give posting on here a break. It's one thing to post satire, and another entirely to cry about basic gameplay elements in a full loot PvP sandbox game.

      ISTILLLOVEU wrote:

      Ganking is for sad people that want to feel.
      By Joe! I think he's onto something!
    • Hey @Cursewords o/

      You have to be very wise to think that people who play MMORPGs aren't compensating for irl circumstances. I feel unworthy of acquiring such forbidden knowledge. Who would have thought that people who gank aren't doing it to relieve themselves from the stress they've been under. Now that I think about it, it really does make sense that people who enjoy ganking and griefing others are happy people, who know the meaning behind their existence and are living fulfilling lives. Ganking is the game mechanic mostly used by the people who feel they are enough, who are slow to anger, and behave like real adults. True role models if you ask me. How I wish I could become one! What are the first steps? Do I start by telling everyone, whose opinion I don't like, that they are pretty fucking dense and then proceed with ridiculing them since I've been ridiculed by others and I want them to feel my pain because somehow I feel isolated and cannot connect with anyone unless they experience the world the same way I do?
      Slaves of reality
    • Professor_Chad wrote:

      I just want to let you gankers know why you do what you do. Give you an insight into your pathetic little brains. You kill people in this game and take their hard-earned stuff because you can't do the same thing in the real world without consequences.

      If you were to kill and rob someone in the real world, you would take real risks and face serious life-altering consequences for your actions. But here in this game you can kill people and rob them and indulge in your dirty and twisted little fantasies without talking any significant risks.

      So, you might think about why you seek out wanton and desctructive play-acting. What might be missing from your life, or in what way you are psychologically damaged, that such things give you pleasure.
      Uhm.... You need to stop mixing Real life and Game life together. Yes I don't condone the 20 man Gank groups that just lame you to death or CC you forever... But true Ganking is solo, duo, or 4 man parties Looking for Fights. Personally I solo Gank A lot.. I enjoy taking 1v2 fights and good 1v1 fights. I enjoy good pvp content and the thrill of it. I also enjoy seeing what loot I will get as its a FULL LOOT PVP GAME.

      If you can't take PvP I suggest staying in Safe zone or finding another game that is directly suited to your gaming needs.