some suggestions

    • some suggestions

      hello Albion community this will be my first post in the forum :)
      most of there changes that I suggest are toward CD, the most annoying thing is how tanks and healers basically beat DPS players because of 1 mobility and 2 sustainability
      another thing is most melee DPS don't choose there fights AKA cant escape and destroy crystals (top player right now tanks and frost mages)

      *The tombhammer range of the E should be lower
      *the dashing W should be more balanced 15s--->20+s

      *the deadly swipe (second Q) cooldown 4s--->2s (soo it's less punishing for stacks weapons)
      *the deadly swipe dmg 300--->200
      *death givers the E range and invs buff
      *black hands cooldown 20s---->25s and slight cast time before the first punch
      *forbidden stab skill remake or buff|
      *energetic passive
      * every 5 active spells reset Q skill

      *bleeding dmg 24--->18
      *realm breaker E is (1h mace E + incubus mace E without the cast time ) need a huge debuff

      *1h mace E (deep leap) buff
      * new W for all maces

      *the explosive bolt (Q skill) need a debuff more CD
      *bolt casters E dmg reduce (its ranged claws with no Cc but 1.5x the dmg)

      *frost shot slow effect 40%--->30%
      *poison arrow 3s---->4s

      *frost nova deals less dmg 266--->160
      *frost nova snare enemies not freeze them

      *merc jacket healing power nerf 50%
      * merc hood cleanse cooldown buff
      hope I am making some sense thx for reading and have a great day :D :D
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    • I do agree with a couple of you suggestions yet I think you are asking way too heavy nerfs, i.e. frost nova not freezing means taking what make forst mage frost, also I think you are not taking in consideration how balance changes affect other game modes, sadly, this game has no different balances depending on game modes like GW2 since its a sandbox.
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