[13. January 2021] Rise of Avalon Patch 12

    • Nice patch, although they should start to focus on more important things like the game interface. It cannot be that in ZvZ you have to move the whole party from left to right,
      they should simplify that, a totally old and useless interface, please start to improve that.
    • Usually i do raids fullspec with an 8.3 satchel and well till yesterday it was 8/15m of autorespec , i consider this change a rly good one , from now on i will get more fame and probably i will spend even less silver. It s good change for old player but a a good one also for new players, the fame boost from satchel is insane and costs even less now, of you are not full spec there isnt a second conversion so it s 100% worth. Well done sbi. Can t say the same about blackmarket, it was better to remove any island and item crafter from carleon.your nerf is applied also to all those crafters that risks all into the red zone. With 15%less many crafter will stop selling there and also the item drop from any content will be decrease by 30%+ along this week, it s true that some items are overpayed there but this is not the best way to nerf it.
    • summerplayer wrote:

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      daklajakld wrote:

      Why did you increase the auto respec costs to 0.9 from 0.75 :(
      Do you want to drive us to buy gold so badly , is that a first hello from your new overlords ?
      Remember they are making mobs drop more silver too
      They increased the fame cost by 20% and gold drop by 15%, now fame is more expensive... hmmm...
      Fame credits*
      You can still wear the item you wanna level up and net a bigger profit than before
    • Well again brilliant patch.

      Ninja Nerf of wealth earnd in PVE (not that it was any great to begin with).
      Keep emptying the game by giving constant easy acces to PVE fame.

      I can't wait to see zerg exploiting your trully nice ZVZ mechanism. The 2 min no skip map + deactivating cluster queue seems kinda gorgeous especially on 2 exit only maps thanks to the 4 minimum maps between castle update.

      Just to be sure, it's intended when making fixes to bring more new issues than fixing old ones, right ?

      But at least some decent fixed has been made. Guardian helmet has been fixed, this one was trully game breaking !
    • Decreased value of boss chests in Stalker and Slayer dungeons by 17.5%, but increased the percentage of boss loot received when killing another player from 50% to 100%. This change is intended to promote PvP in Corrupted Dungeons.

      Thx now when i invade someone and they scape i get worse loot really good change :)
    • You better make some matchmaking system for corrupted. Im a bit tired to face 8.3 top 15 players being lower than 1kk of infamy. And delete healers, better all of em but if you'll delete only hallowfall is okay. From top 15 - 10 players play tombhammer. balanced to death
      Here's my opinion

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    • PrintsKaspian wrote:

      • Decreased value of boss chests in Stalker and Slayer dungeons by 17.5%, but increased the percentage of boss loot received when killing another player from 50% to 100%. This change is intended to promote PvP in Corrupted Dungeons.

      This change won´t make much difference in terms of promoting pvp.

      The amount of rats will remain the same. They rat not just for cash, but mainly for fame. For new players, ratting is a must.

      And here comes the Fun part. New players need spec. They need Fame. They lack experience and ability to fight better players.

      Now, what does that mean ? That means they want ... pve fame mainly. And how do you get fame ? By doing ... pve. There is no incentive for new players ( players without almost full spec) to not rat. And guess what ? You have to ret in order to be efficient.

      I wanted to get my fame up on my alt character in Corrupted Dungeons. I played T6, and it was alright with 0 spec. The loot is crap, fame is not bad, but ..... here comes the problem. Once you gain access to T8 and gain enough spec where you can put on gear that doesn´t cost fortune - that is the moment where you become a rat. At that moment, it is much more better to be a rat. In T6, it is better to pvp. In T8 however, it is better to rat.

      Let me explain there:
      At T6, the IP difference isn´t very high. Thus even with 0 spec, one has access to it and has a high chance of beating others - not to mention there are all kinds of people there lol. Even if the oponnent is wearing high gear, the IP penalties are severe, thus one can even gain some nice cash from that. HOWEVER, at T8, the IP difference is massive. IP penalties are much lesser, thus the gear and spec matters infinitely more than in t6 - not to mention people are much more skilled there.
      Thus me with my 0 spec alt won´t be able to do anything there at T8. If i go to T8, i will most likely die unless i use some build that isn´t heavily reliant on IP. Because i would die a lot, i would lose cash and time regearing, and also lose " fame " since i would be regearing and so on.

      Now you could say " well if you are getting your butt beaten at T8, why you just don´t do T6? " - sure, that sounds good, right ? Nope. Once you gain access to T8, it´s infinitely better to become a rat. The fame rates and loot lates are many times better than in T6.
      Just from doing PVE in T8, you gain more combat fame and loot than you ever could from doing t6 and doing pvp there.
      From doing pvp, you essentially only gain cash. But for newer players, their main aim is fame. That is what matters. And the cash gained from pvp isn´t much better than cash gained from pve at T8 CD - especially if individual isn´t super skilled and isn´t able to beat anyone at ease.

      Frankly, for new players it´s just much better to rat at T8. And why wouldn´t they ? It´s the most efficient. They can just rat there hard until they get full spec and then they can do pvp i guess. But they might just continue unless they get enough fame credits to unlock everything.

      I dont know about solution, but here is one idea to at least stop people from being pissed off when they encounter rat with gathering gear that is impossible to catch ( also sbi, can you please ban gathering gear from CD ? You can´t ever catch a rat if it has gathering gear) - it´s that if the person breaks crystal, you gain boss loot increase just like you would if you killed that person. That will at least give the person who wants pvp some form of compensation and it will hurt less encountering a rat that is impossible to kill and ultimately is just wasting your time.
      My YT channel - Solo greataxe killing everything https://www.youtube.com/user/DhaosNK/video=7
    • Further increases to fame credit cost, wasnt sustainable to use before, even worse now, this will be ultimately what drives me away from the game, greedy is the only way to describe it, your trying to force people to top up with gold, what looked to be a good patch overshadowed by the huge shower of shit raining down on it. good job
    • N33kk0 wrote:

      "Vile Curse (Cursed Staffs) now triggers AoE escalation (for example via Area of Decay) as intended"

      Can someone explain this for me please?
      If you hit multiple targets with a single ability, the damage scales up to (I dont remember right now the max but lets say 40% for example sake)
      So (AS AN EXAMPLE)
      One target is 100%
      two is 100%
      three is 110
      four is 120
      five is 130
      six 140 (not real values)

      Vile curse since it is a dot was considered instanced damage and never got the damage increase from scalation. Now if you hit multiple targets with the curse at the same time (With either Cursed Scythe or Area of Decay) you will get the damage increase.
      I hope this clears it up for you. For the correct values I think the wiki has them updated
    • YouFail wrote:

      I just noticed that Avalonian Dungeons got nerfed too... All Rare chest used to be around 2m (60 avalonian dungeons completed), since today we got 3 rare chest with 600k and 1 with 2m. Is this intentional or a bug?
      Maybe is just probability. Remember simllar items like artifacts have a "game set price" for the chest that my differ HUGELY from the real price
    • OneUps wrote:

      "Lowered global amount of Silver generated by the Black Market by 15%"

      Can someone explain this to me? I don't understand what this means.
      Buy orders in BM are increasing by a certain amount, and this amount has now been reduced by 15%.
      I'll give you an example, such as T8.0 Pike, before yesterday's update, buy orders in BM for this item increased by 7000 silver and something (I don't know the exact, slighly over 7000), after yesterday's update buy orders for this item increase more slowly, and that 15% slower than before the update (thicks on every rising buy order is lower, that number is slightly over 6000 silver).
      So BM takes longer to reach the lowest sell order from the player because increasing buy orders is in smaller amounts than before the update.
    • PrintsKaspian wrote:

      • Lowered global amount of Silver generated by the Black Market by 15%
      • Increased Silver drops from all non-Expedition mobs by 15%

      Black market it's a way to fame crafting.
      Kinda killing it.

      Buffing open world Fame Farm it's nice. But still stachel can be used in HCE too.

      (HCE)Having a way to fame farm safely and getting that silver + fame + not wasting time it's kinda ugly still.