Lets talk about the blight staff

    • Lets talk about the blight staff

      The blight staff is currently the worst nature staff out there, and I hope the devs will look into reworking the weapon.

      For this comparison I'll be comparing the blight staff and the wild staff, due to both of them being focused on healing smaller parties.
      For those who don't know lets look at what both staffs do:
      Blight staff: a 6 second channel that heals upto 5 allies per second, the caster can't be interrupted and slows enemies nearby for 20%. 25second cooldown
      Wild staff: a 6 second AoE that heals upto 10 allies per second. 25 second cooldown

      If we take a look at the tooltips of both weapons, on a flat 6 with 700/700 nature spec, the wild staff tooltip is 108/s and the blight tooltip is 80/s
      If we take a look at the actual ingame number, on a flat 6 with 700/700 nature spec, the wild staff heals for 160/s and the blight heals for 119/s

      One might argue that you sacrifice some healing/s for a lot of mobility and not being able to get interrupted, and I agree that the way lower healing per second on the E itself isn't the main issue. The issue the blight staff has is the channel itself! With a wild staff (or any nature staff for that matter) you put down the E and continue using Qs, Ws, robe activation, use your shoes, graveguard helmet someone in need. But with blight you're doing a 6 second channel that heals for less and doesn't allow for additional healing via Qs and Ws and doesn't allow for defensives via shoe abilities and robe activations. On a sidenote I'd like to add you can't even drink a resistance potion while in the channel, even though you can use a resistance potion while being sileneced, I just thought this was ridicilous.

      The blight E is a very interesting skill to give to a healer, but in its current form it doesn't work imo. I've thought of 2 easy ways to make the weapon more viable and compete with wild staffs, I'm sure that there any more ideas so let us know!

      1) The wildstaff treatment: more healing in less time.
      Give it a similair buff they gave to wild staff a while ago, for those who don't know this was the buff:
      • Area Duration: 10s → 6s
      • Heal per tick: 26.89 → 46.00
      • Energy cost: 20 → 18
      Make the channel shorter, give it more healing/second to make up for the lost healing. The shorter channel will allow the healer to use Qs etc earlier, making it more viable.

      2) Keep the E as is, but allow for the use of Qs and Ws during the channel. This change will make it a lot better than it currently is and allows it to compete with wild staff, sacrificing healing/s on the E for more mobility.