State of blackzone

    • State of blackzone

      It is not new that guilds are handholding not to lose their territories in the blackzone, they defend each other, we came to a point where most of the blackzone is working together, there is almost no ZVZ content outside of friendly fights because if you want to attack a single territory or castle you need to fight 200-1000 people which led to big guilds or even big alliances not able to get a single territory without the approval of the handholding force rulling the blackzone which is incredibly stupid.

      One of the biggest issue I see allowing this situation is power projection, distances have been reduced but this will never prevent guilds from running across the world or use avalonian roads.
      In order to solve this issue I suggest to add an individual debuff to a player running far from his lock then the debuff would increase faster the further he is from his lock.
      The idea would be to make a guild totally unable to fight at the opposite of the map, there is no reason to allow such a thing, if they can't get content next to their lock in the blackzone it is because they are handholding everyone around, this would force them to stop or get no content and let the guilds that don't want to handhold have some territories on the map instead of having to fight 80% of the map running at them. This idea isn't mine but I found it interesting.

      For this to work it should be impossible to relock using avalonian roads or running across the blackzone but only using the realmgae system to unbind or it would be abused as usual, entering a portal in blackzone wouldn't reset lock.

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    • i used to play in a small guild that wanted to be independent. it seemed like a big issue from the outside, but i now play in a larger guild, and have tried a few of them.

      What i can tell you is small guilds, lack political awareness, you need friends, even if they are not allies, someone around your size who is not your enemy.

      If both guilds mass for a 0000 castle or outspost, then you each take one if someone comes to fight you that is 2 times your size, call friends and say we have a fight come help. if they lose their castle because they help you tomorrow, do the same but prioritize their castle.

      Like mindblowing stuff dont tell anyone, just dont rely only on your guild ONLY, outside of that CTA u can still fight the other guild and many CTAs you could still fight the other guild, just agree on it sometimes to work together when a big group comes to fight.

      politics is how you get stronger once your guild reaches 300, either ally, or NAP you can still work on strengthening your core members in your guild, but trading 10 inactives for 10 new players only goes so far. adding a friend with another 300 that can mass 100 is 10x more than you adding 10
    • What you say is exactly the problem that led to the actual state of blackzone, 85% of it working together, I bring a friend, you bring 2, I bring 10 and at the end you can't get any objective without massing 500 people.

      Not surprising coming from a blue army freeman member, politics isn't how you get stronger, it's how you make the game unplayable for everyone because you bring so many the enemy can't compete, people don't handhold to even the numbers but to make sure they can't lose, that's how the 2 biggest coalitions of the game are working together, making it impossible for anyone to take a single territory without having to fight all of them or rent from them.

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