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      Is there any software you guys r using besides excel to map the roads of avalon?

      I wanted to manually keep track of the roads I find daily, either to get to hideouts, to change portal lock, to go to caerleon, to go faster to t8 black zones, to gathering road maps, to go back from where I came from, etc.

      I want to keep track of the roads itself, the time until portal closes, the tier of zones, the number and type of green and blue chets, etc, but it seems painfull to write it down manually and to organize the information on spreadsheets.

      Thanks in advance.
    • vivv wrote:

      MadSkillzDLR wrote:

      Is there any software you guys r using besides excel to map the roads of avalon?
      I use the local version of this tool Portaler - A Roads of Avalon Mapping tool

      Thanks! That helps.

      But I was also thinking about mapping / filling an excel with each ROA map info, like:

      Zone Name
      Zone Type
      Zone Group (2p, 7p, 20p)
      Number of static solo, group and elite dungeons
      Number of solo, group and elite small and large chests
      Type of resources in the zone
      Zone refining and crafting bonus

      Something like:

      NameStyleTierGroup SizeStatic Solo DungeonStatic Group DungeonStatic Elite DungeonSolo Small ChestSolo Large ChestGroup Small ChestGroup Large ChestLegendary Small ChestLegendary Large ChestFiberOreLeatherWoodStone5v5 Hellgate2v2 Hellgate

      Does this already exists anywhere? Eventually SBI could provide this info, since it is just a matter of time / effort to get. I assume each map name and layout doesnt change, ever, right?

      I would just manually insert it into an excel, and later on it could be used as a database for personal use or for the wiki. If more people is interested in this, could send me or upload here a picture of the map entrance / the map itself so I could get the info. It should be quite fast to map it out depending on the number of people providing info / pictures.

      This way we could "choose" which map we want to go to without actually getting / walking into it.
    • @MadSkillzDLR

      Most of that data exists in the world.json file in the Albion Data Bin dumps. I actually had some of it in Portaler but it turned out to be incorrect often. I am going to take another pass at it soon, since I need to update the data for the new zones anyway.

      I was really hoping to make some.progress during my Christmas vacation, but this has been one of the busiest holiday vacations I've ever had.

      Portaler is open source written entirely in Typescript and I'd definitely be open to any serious help. I still consider the app to be very immature. There is a ton left I want/need to do.

      Build live private road maps for your guild and grant your members access using Discord roles.

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