Lvl 1 20v20s are a joke

    • Lvl 1 20v20s are a joke

      Lvl 1 20v20s are a joke. cause of the high rewards shit players will just pug a group and then suicide infinitely for caps untill they win you can kill them 100+ times but it doesnt matter

      Please add a 5 death respawn limit for lvl 1 so people cant just infinitely suicide dive caps

    • This is a common problem with all no loot combat, with plans for faction no loot combat we need to discuss the mechanic.

      It seems to me for instances 5 deaths could work, as normally you must bring sets and 5 is a common number, however can be bypassed, so i think instead you could also look at a increasing function for respawns.

      First it would be useful for Devs to release current timer metric,

      without being able to see it, i can simply say that current respawns are very fast, i think they should scale for the number of times a player has died.

      example first is a constant for the function of time. and relate it to number of deaths, and perhaps match duration is debateable.

      (5 seconds * #ofdeaths) + (minutes in match)/5

      Tho a second option while it may change the meta for gameplay heavily
      respawn on point timer only. for 5v5s this might be too harsh but idk, in theory its nearly what it is anyway as the team resets.

      but in 20s 1-2 people not returning until after points have ticked would matter alot, increasing the skill of rat cappers, and individuals in the fight.

      For faction warfare, i think you need a little more to it, first it isnt in a match so i think it will be recent deaths within X time, how much idk, but a normal respawn timer * # of deaths while faction flagged is a start

      Now, IP because it is no loot, we need to consider IP, either IP could be controlled with respawn timers, but repairs also matter, but repairing 8.0 vs 4.2 the price is not that easily noticed so i think respawn timers should have a funtion of IP also

      respawn timer * (# of deaths while faction flagged in the past 10 minutes) + 2 * IP/100