PvP Video from Tokyo:お前はもう死んでいる

    • PvP Video from Tokyo:お前はもう死んでいる

      Recently I made a couple of videos and im posting em.
      My ping had been around 280 this year but now its fixed to what it should be. Also i have renewed my PC.
      However the end game ZvZ has been cluster-cue strategy game. im just enjoying ganking/mid scale fights.

      Unfortunately my language; Japanese is not getting localized, I'm seeing quite a few players from my country. Its really bad that NO game media writes about Albion, only people on Steam may possibly find this game. In Japanese Discord discord.gg/2JYSDQM, I could see around 200 people through the past three years.

      Reject Party Ganking Part1

      Reject Party Ganking Part2

      I'm in Reject Party guild from this season.

      5v5 is doable with full Japanese team, not sure about the upcoming 10v10 HG...
      Some of our pvpers are wanting to play 20v20 but theres no chance.

      Japanese Crystal highlight

      Tyrannosaurus-rex / RIP
      お前は すでに 死んでいる

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