Sandbox Interactive joins Stillfront

    • Cursewords wrote:

      That's not sarcasm, that's just stupidity. What evidence is there that he's being sarcastic, or are you just trolling or unable to think rationally about an irrational comment? I just linked a thread that shows he's pretty serious with his stupid ideas.

      Plus seeing as the guy loves Ark so much, it makes sense that he legitimately wants dinosaur skins in the game lmfao. Anyone with even moderate intelligence would have picked up on these things.
      Let me believe is sarcasm please, for my own sanity ;(
    • Blowfeld81 wrote:

      I share the views on this video.
      Agree with this youtuber partly.
      Seems he dosnt know that even in beta days, they were thinking of doing it multiplatform game, and that was in development for years now.
      As a mobille part of the game, im certain there will be part of P2W. maybe not straight away but within a year for sure new company will take ower with thier idfeas and business plans.
      As for founders of Albion, when u getting paid 130mln, and down the line lets say september 2021, new boss telling u he want implement this and that, and this isnt something u ever wanted to do. u go home look urself in the mirror, i got 130 mln for that game, lets pack up and try something different new. and u will just be gone,
      happened many times with other games, will happen with this one, and this new company who bought it, is focusing on mobille games, with 99,9% of those is p2w simple as that, they can try to blind us for another year, but 2022 community of Albion will decreese by half.
      You can Run , But you will DIE Tired !!!.
    • Well, superficially Stillfront appears to operate by letting their game companies operate fully independently. Their strategy seems to focus more on cross investment and "synergies" whatever that means. So, I guess that is good.

      However, there are some major risks with this change:

      (1) Stillfront in the past just bought cheesy P2W studios like Storm8 which puts out click-to-win no-brainer games like Mafia Wars and stuff like that. AO is a completely different kind of animal. It is sophisticated and complex. You can't just put a game like AO on autopilot like MafiaWars.

      (2) There is a risk of a leadership exodus from SBI. Now, before you start cracking jokes about "what leadership", complex games do require intellectual leadership and Steve-Jobs-like vision. If the brainiacs behind AO retire or move on because they just got paid $50 million, then AO has a problem because a bunch of low-level developers are not going to be able to provide the vision and leadership necessary to move the game into the future.

      (3) Corporatization could be damaging to the rate of change and updates to the game. If being part of a conglomerate affects the decision making at SBI and slows down releases because there are more layers of management or additional "design reviews" or whatever, then it could slow down development, which is bad. Already SBI has some serious responsiveness issues in the game. For example, they invite players to "report" other players for breaking various rules, but rarely does anything ever happen due to these "reports". It's a manpower and energy issue which could get worse.

      (4) Plain old demoralization can also be a factor. When people get bought out, the secondary layer of senior management often gets unhappy. This is because the big shots got paid off and left, but they got left holding the bag to do all the work. And now, instead of reporting to their friend who has departed they are reporting to some corporate dude in different city who has no appreciation for what they do. It's demoralizing. This happens in every company that gets bought out.

      So, I guess we will have to wait and see what happens, but there are definitely some risks in this change.
    • Midgard wrote:

      G1R5T wrote:

      he "frozen", pre-f2p release Premium Subscription prices cant be changed in future. Am i right?
      of course they can .. what makes you think they arev 'frozen'?
      Before F2P there was an announcement: If you get a premium subscription now (automatically buying premium each half year) you can keep the premium prices like they are right now. im paying 50 dollar instead of 60 for a half year of premium...
    • People getting mad the black market got nerfed. Playing this game for a couple of months now and haven't even touched the black market lol. Love the game, feels good to play pvp aswell as pve - you are even able to buy Premium for the ingame currency and now tell me how this is pay to win when the only other stuff you HAVE to pay for are cosmetic items.

      Yes you CAN exchange the bought gold for silver and tbh to a good price but for what do you need that silver??
      I don't understand the whole complaining and bragging about this at all.
      I mean if somebody could explain this to me, this would may help me to understand, but at the moment I feel like ppl are just crying that they actually have to play the game to be succesful.
    • spirit i play the entire game all areas. i spend a ton of silver to play the game at a high level. when sbi makes silver harder for me to get i dont have the time in the day to achieve my desired silver if they make it harder - therefore i must buy the silver with real money.

      now its fine to support developers but not when the game becomes burdensome to create silver.. i dont understand how you dont get it.

      i could burn through 10m silver with my satchel and respecs in a few hours

      p.s you realised all loot and chests will be nerfed by 15% too? thats how BM works

      10 hours you make 10m
      now in 10 hours you make 8.5m

      it literally feels like a pay reduction because everybody loves one of those right

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    • Thank you for elaborating this a bit further to me!
      Maybe I haven't reached a point at which I can feel this the same way by now.
      For now I'm mostly trying out builds in Hunter using a T8.1 Satchel. I get more silver than I'm burning.
      Not using a satchel in Stalker or Slayer bc. it's not worth losing it in a fight. Gotta say that I also don't have
      everything I wear at 100 specs. So autorespec is not THAT expensive for me. Playing ava raids I felt like I got the same amount of silver back that I've burned with the satchel and autorespec.

      Maybe I will feel the same way, when I play for like a year or two and not just about 4 months.