Sandbox Interactive joins Stillfront

    • The cynic in me is skeptical, but at the same time everything in this thread is just theory crafting. All we can do is wait and see, if the game goes to shit just quit and life will go on.

      the mission statement seems good on stillfronts page and they must know alienating the player base will be suicide, the whole reason Albion is successful is because of open world full loot pvp and toxicity. 99.9% of game devs are too scared to commit, look at the state of Amazon’s new world since they cucked out, a total snorefest with a shitty economy that does work without item loss creating demand.

      I get the reservations, it’s going to take Albion a long time to generate profit for stillfront, but it could still be done with more cosmetics and a larger player base.

      Should it go to shit, the team could just quit and make a new mmo and let stillfront milk the husk of Albion with p2w.
    • The only thing that reassures me is that Stillfront has paid 130 million, and if they imposed PTW criteria, they will not recover even a quarter of that amount in the 6 months that the game would last alive.

      To be honest, this game is not the best technically, graphically, or lore. We are drawn to other things that he would automatically lose if they started adding p2w elements or started to turn into typical Asian games
    • solventh wrote:

      what happens if stillfront goes dead? you go dead, too?
      It's a billion-dollar company. Don't worry about it.

      Thank you very much @Korn for being present and solving most of the doubts, couldn't you take a moment in my question? I know it is not of common interest but speaking particularly of the increasing population of the game, that Twitch in the category of Albion Online has more love would help a lot, as has happened with another dozen niche games like Escape from Tarkov.
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      Midgard wrote:

      @Korn so you sold the company because they can market it better than you can. Got it.
      whatever the reason is, if you arent taking 130mil you are a fucking idiot

      its mutually beneficial, both companies want each other's know how on certain things
      I agree. I’d have taken the money too.

      However this whole thread is a disingenuous effort by the devs to spin this as something it isn’t. Right off from the title (which has now been edited from “SBI joins the stillfront family” ) when the truth of it is “Stillfront buys SBI”
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      The devs will keeping get part of profit until 2024... After that should we expect other devs or will they still be with us?
      owners and devs/administrators are different things. they can even stop working for albion tomorrow and still get a cut of the profit.
      I know that, but I mean, the actual dev will be millionarie and they will get the earn-out until 2024, working or not working.

      To continue the work on albion they should get a salary, the earn-out will only help if the Albion rise as a game, so it will motivate by money.

      But after the earn-out expires, they will not have the motivation from the earn-out, maybe from salary (but they already are millionarie and the salary should not be too big as the earn-out).

      So, why should they continue in Albion after 2024? for the idea of Albion? Or maybe not work full time, only 2 hours per day? Or totally leave and try to start another project?

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    • Albion needs more content!

      1) new dungeon layouts the current ones are boring and not scary enough and dungeon isn't a red valour vampire castle - that is a castle - a dungeon is supposed to be deep in the ground with ungodly scary monsters with scary animations and should make your heart race!
      2) lots of new mechanics in dungeon fights
      3) lots new mobs/monsters/demons/undead in dungeons
      4) lots of new dungeon bosses
      5) make black zone maps larger w/ more hidden tunnels to accommodate all your new players with your golden marketing corpate takeover executive decision pocket padding decision making skills
      6) put a cap on how many people can dive dungeons full 20man zvz's shouldn't show up in a dungeon that is ridiculous (lock it to a fair number 6 potentially make A-ing out extremely long for both parties but allow for candles or stuff in the environment to light up or give clues your being dove and promote more equitable fair dungeon dives)
      7) new tier weapons T9 and T10 with maybe mythic or legendary
      8) make crafting cool allow for random procs only high level crafters can get
      9) new character portraits
      10) make royal cities larger add in colleseum PvP fighting which people can bet on fights like real Roman warfare days
      11) Add Arena Elo ranking PvP 1v1 2v2 3v3 5v5 10v10 with full loot rewards - add ranking/team leader boards system with distinguishing cosmetics visually seeing Elo separation amoungst the gods & plebs - make all gold items look badass t1-t8
      12) make a large full scale PvP instance like Alterac valley in wow
      13) add more battleground content and arena content
      14) allow for more diversity in pve melee gets shafted and only makes sense to use range because melee sucks in pve/dungeon content
      15) give crafters the ability to proc fire/ice or legendary or something that is very rare but also something to look forward to and make crafting more important
      16) implement more 5th floors or random platinum or diamond encrusted chests
      17) just simply juice the content make the game great it will sell it self very very simple
      18) make the dungeon generator truely random so that you can't tell what type of chest is at the end - I find it bs when I know what's coming that pure laziness - add more effects and make the game more scary - more zombies, crypt fiends, devils, scary stuff - no dinky mobs like we got now
      19) reinvest your profits into making better product don't take easy street and sip margitas on a beach somewhere because your wealthy now
      20) make weapons have random stats so that no item is truely identical and that there is pure randomization across the board within a DMG range so you can have perfect and non perfect items this makes finding a perfect and getting a crafter to juice it ever the more interesting and also makes item pricing more interesting and more variance and allows for very high level player thinking behind every drop and every item

      Hire more developers and make more content when your product is good it sells it self and you don't need BS marketing because word of mouth stomps car salesmen strategies!

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